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Interpretating poems

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Peter Piper pg.88

I felt that the Author expressed how Run D.m.c. came up from nothing. He now has everything that can be dreamed of. It took a lot of courage to do their thing and pave the way. In the poem Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose were the master’s of rhymes and fairy tales. Which in turn states that Run D.m.c was a head of their game. “Cuz he’s the adult entertainer Child educator.

Resume pg.

I think that the author was trying to open our eyes to the dangers of this world. And the author is trying to warn all of us and tell us to be careful in this life. You might as well live to the fullest, just do it carefully. And always remember to be happy.

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ABC pg.67

The writer of this particular poem is bringing to life the different worlds we all live in. It states that we all live separate lives, some better than others. But we are all guaranteed to die. Some die happily, others may die mad. Some use drugs and painkillers to take their minds off the world and its stressfulness’. Our lives are affected by everything around us. Many people handle situations in different ways, X= your zenith.

Ars Poetica pg.111

The Author whom has written this poem has really dug deep into the feeling a poem makes you feel. He wants you to understand the love and beauty a poem can possess. A poem should be read and understood in our own unique ways. Not everyone has the same reaction to a poem; a poem should be open.

Cinderella pg.101

This author is reminding his readers of the love stories that are always told. They begin with the people whose lives were wonderful. There are always stories about people who have had hard lives and grow up to live very well. Many can relate to a poem of this nature. We have women everyday going through these same trials, and life doesn’t guarantee a thing. The answer is in you; can things change for the better?

Sweetest pg.1118

The Author is basically thanking, praising and remembering the soldiers of war. We Remember ones who have fallen, and the ones who survived the tragedies. Victory cannot be defined as what we obtained because we still did lose. We lost many young men in those wars. We love and miss them very much.

Wild Nights pg.111

Emily was letting the reader experience her dream. Her wild nights she possessed in her mind. Rowing in Eden; the place she would like to be. Done with the compass and the chart she is own her way. She dreams of a beach with clear blue seas. She would love to swim in them. She will return another night.

This is my letter to the world pg.111

This poem possesses the ability to scare you and make you think about life. This world is a cold place. Survival is necessary. The dangers will be hidden and color coated. Just live carefully. Hope and pray that you will find a love that can save you.

The Bustle in a house pg.11

After a person dies in a house the mood and chemistry of that house is fouled with. You have to accept death and learn to live without that person. Keep all you feelings for that person in your heart and never let go. You are putting your love away keeping it safe until you have eternal life with Jesus.

Dream Variations pg.118

While dreaming of a wonderful day filled with Joy laughter and love you sleep well at night. The author of this poem wants joy in his life. He would like to have an exciting day and then wind down in the evening and get a good nights rest. Let the night come tenderly.

Harlem pg.114

This poem is referring to a dream that has turned into a nightmare. This dream is weighing a lot on this person. It is disrupting his life. A dream can mess with your mind and make you feel insane or even cause trouble with sleeping.

The Donkey pg.1178

The author is describing a donkey from birth. A donkey’s life isn’t all that. They are made fun of all the time. A prime example is Eoor from Winnie the pooh. The donkey is made out to a rotten animal but yet used to perform a lot of things.

To Waken Old Lady pg.

This poem is stating the difficulty in being old. Growing to an old age is a bad experience. Some find it depressing. But being happy when you become old is very important. You must look back at your life and not regret one single thing. Live a long healthy life.

How do I love thee pg.1175

The Author is describing the love she has for this man. She realizes the gift God has given her and she loves it. Her love for this man is unique in many ways. The best love she has ever felt, and it will only continue in heaven.

End pg.1144

The Author of this poem is telling the world about the end of everything. There will be no people, no appliances, and no computers. There is nothing. Empty; what is empty? The world will not exist. We are nowhere. Nothing. Zero.

The Chimneysweeper pg.77

A young mans mother died when he was young and he was sold to a man who mad the boy a chimneysweeper. His job was to sweep the suit from inside the chimneys. He says that he is so dirty and black that he doesn’t recognize himself. He dreams of going to heaven and bathing. An Angel tells the boy that if he is good that God will be his father and he will be bathed in his love.

Roadside Crosses pg.6

This poem is referring to the people that have died on the sides of the roads. Their loving families put flowers and crosses where that person had laid. These small things are done in remembrance of our loved ones. The memory of some loved ones is very hard to except and tremendously hard to get over.

Do not go gentle into that good night pg.68

This poem is basically saying that even if you are old and worn out you can still enjoy life. Do not go gently; meaning you must fight for your life and enjoy every moment of it. Life is short, have fun. Enjoy growing to be a Grandmother or watching your children graduate from college. That’s a happy sight.

The Heart pg.81

This poem is describing the life of a man who has ended up alone. His life has been hard and has transferred his heart to be bitter. He accepts the bitterness and eats it op. Failure has already been accomplished.

Homage to my hips pg.

This woman is really amazed with the power women possess. She thinks that all that is important is between he hips. They can go wherever they wish. They can put a spell on some. Her hips are magical.

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