Tuesday, April 23, 2013


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The First piece I chose was the Grammar Packet lessons 18-0, I got an A on this a /. I chose this piece to show my self that I can get 100% even in areas of English that I’m not strong in. The By the Waters of Babylon selection test was the second assignment that I chose, which I got a B- .5/0 on. I chose this test because it shows me that if I study for a test I can do well on it. The third selection for my portfolio was my Four Short Answer Quiz on short stories that I got a B- 40/50 on. I chose this because doing that much writing for me is very hard and I’m glad that I did such a good job on it. The next choice was the Unit Spelling and Grammar test that I got a C+ 15/0 on. This reminds me that I need to study harder for tests. Word Skills lesson 1 I chose because it shows me that I need to put more time into my homework. The Parts of Speech Basic Tools of Communication I got a C 5/7 on and reminds me to work slower and pay attention to the directions. Critical Thinking and Reading Worksheet D+ 1/0 was chosen to remind me to work slower and write legibly. Word Skills lesson D- 4/40 I chose to show what happens when you rush through your work and don’t take time to double check. Three Wishes essay D- 0/50 I placed in my portfolio as a reminder that if you turn in your work late you wont get much credit if any at all. Suspense and Foreshadowing worksheet 0/F I selected this to place in my first quarter portfolio section because unlike some things, you don’t get any credit for just putting your name on the paper and turning it in.

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