Friday, March 22, 2013

Overcoming Tragedy: A Stronger America

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The United States of America would not be the country it is today, or even exist if it wasn’t for the will power of its citizens and the way they recover from their wounds, and move on. There have been many struggles for the people of the U.S. throughout history. The Civil War, World War 1, The Great Depression, World War , The Vietnam War, and most recently, September 11th all are prime examples of cataclysmic events the U.S., and its people, had to endure.

The Civil War was one of the worst events in American history. The war pitted the Confederates and the Union against each other (both of which were American). 48, people are thought to have died in that war. More than half of them were self-enlisted citizens, not true soldiers. America got through this struggle, but only by violence, and bloodshed. After the war there was a period of reconstruction, where America would heal the damage it did to itself. The first thing that people did was to find and bury the bodies that were left in the battlefields. In order to help the American citizens, the government had to help restart the industries that had spent most of their money and products during the war. America would spend over five years rebuilding the cities, towns, and trust of the people.

Eleven years after World War 1 ended, there was a stock market crash. This marked the beginning of the worst economic slowdown in American history - The Great Depression. This was a great test for the citizens of America. Most of the population of America lived under the poverty level, and the government would give free soup to feed these people. Many rich people lost their money as well. This was the event that put people on the streets and created homelessness. Only the courage of the American people got them through this terrible period. Their options were not as many as one might think. One common solution was to work harder and longer, and cut family spending dramatically. Other people chose to move to another country, others, a tragic solution, opted for suicide. Some parents would move into allies, where they slept and could afford food to support their children. These are just some examples of how much sacrifice was needed to keep bread on the table. After years of suffering, Americans finally made it through the depression. After the depression Americans helped stimulate the economy so much, that it entered a thriving period.

Only seven months ago there was yet another tragic event that will go into American history - September 11th. On September 11th, 001, there was a terrorist attack upon the American people never imagined before. Two passenger planes, one was American Airlines and the other was United, were hijacked by terrorists and crashed into both of the Twin Towers in New York City. Not too long afterwards, both of the towers collapsed creating a wall of silt, dust, and concrete that fell upon innocent spectators of the event. This killed approximately 800 people. All of these people, including the passengers in the planes, were innocent � that’s why this tragedy is so difficult to forget. Most people that worked below the floors that were hit by the planes, were fortunate enough to escape, but firefighters and policemen responding to the emergency died trying to rescue others. This was the last event needed to bring America into a recession that we are still working to put behind us. After a month or so of mourning, the President of the U.S. responded to the terrorist attacks by declaring “war on terror” and chasing the Alceada network out of Afghanistan. Air travel in the U.S. is safer than ever, the American pride is higher than ever, and the display of support for the leaders of this country is better than ever. People are purchasing more goods, consumer confidence is up, new home sales are also on the rise, and over time, Americans will help jump start our slowed down economy.

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As true American citizens, we are showing the world how we can overcome crisis, and how we find encouragement in times of tragedy. These were only three examples of events that have tested and shaped the character of the American citizens. America has struggled, and has stumbled, but has never been downed - it still stands tall and proud. Sure there will be more of these events that will test our resolve again, but we are stronger than ever, and one more time we will show the world that America, and the willpower of the American people, will survive.

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