Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Impressions of Creative Writing

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Creative writing is an expression of who you are and what you feel. In my opinion there are less rules to follow when writing creatively. You are allowed to just let the words flow from your heart via your writing utensil to the paper. Grammar and sentence structure is an important aspect in delivering the whole package. It is a minor facet that plays an imperative role in conveying the true significance of your thoughts. However, writing creatively allows you to get carried away with your thoughts. Creativity is about imagination, originality and inspiration. Everyone has their own perspective, however no one else can give an account for your own experiences quite the way you can. Communicating through writing creatively is articulating your feelings and experiences the way no one else can it allows you to paint a vivid picture for the reader.

In my opinion, it is vital to set the mood in order to collect your thoughts and express yourself creatively. Instrumental music, to some is the perfect solution for writer’s block. I find that, listening to Jazz music is extremely stimulating due to its free format. There is a certain amount of freedom in music and it is easy to capture that same freedom in your writing. Just like the melody in the music, your words should harmonize. Articulating your feelings can be the most difficult task, however, setting the mood and listening to music helps one to relax and gets the juices flowing.

Writing creatively is painting vivid pictures for your reader permitting them not just to see the rose, however, to experience the depth, the scent, the brilliant color, the texture and the beauty of the rose through the writer’s eyes. This style of writing brings to life feelings and emotions for the reader normally depicted only in verbal communication. When you are able to express yourself colorfully in black and white it grabs the attention of the reader and both the reader and the writer can enjoy the journey together. This brings a sense of satisfaction to the writer that only comes with imagination.

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