Thursday, February 14, 2013

How expensive can a car be?

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Have you ever spend a little time maintaining your car? People use their cars everyday for different purposes. Mostly they use it for travaling to places. Cars are proven to be safer and cheaper than sports bikes. Some people do not maintain their car on regular bases; those are the people who we see often on side of a road waiting for a towing truck to come. Do you have any idea on how costly can a car be?

I have Nissan Maxima. I got my car when I was 17 years of age. Just after I graduated I had received my first car. I was so happy that, for a moment I felt like getting my first car was more exciting then my graduation. I also had gotten a job at Walgreen’s where they paid me good enough. I started going to College of DuPage with my own car. I had seen everybody’s car and also wanted my car to look like others. So, I went to paint shop and had my car painted green with brand new design. It looked really great on my car. My next stop was Auto Zone where I bought a set of neon lights for under my car. After spending all that money, my car was a charm afterwards. But my money started getting short.

I stopped wasting money on my car. Afterward I only did regular maintenance on my car. For example; oil change and all the other fluids change are necessary. When I was a kid I always wanted to have a car. When I received it, it was like a dream come true. I had to start saving money for my college and pocket money and also for car maintenance. At that moment my hobby for cars kind of started to go blurry since I was not spending as much money.

My future cars that I might buy must have all on this characteristics. It must be fast, it should look at its best, and the cost of it should be relatively cheaper. I still wonder that if I had the fastest car in the world then I would be so proud full. I am not just using my car as just a source to travel. I sometimes use it as my study place. For example when I look for a quiet place to study first thing that comes in my mind is my car. I have time in between my classes so I go out to my car and study. It is really mind catching place, my mind stays on study because of the environment around me. Since that is the only place no one can bothers me it is proven to be quietest place available for me. I also use my car as my snack center. I keep variety of foods in my car, mostly includes chips, small meals and few biscuits. Since I take my classes from early afternoon through late night I get hungry in between. When my stomach growls at me it also reminds me of my car. I have time to sit and relax in my car and listen to music from the best music systems from Bose and eat at the same time is really entertaining and relaxing.

I do not think anybody is using their car this much. I personally think my car is part of my family. I take care of it so much since it is my first car and it feels like it is something of my own.

In past few weeks, I had parked my car in one of the grocery stores parking lot. One day I was coming out of the grocery store I eye witnessed my car as it went through major accident. While in parking one driver of a like new corvette car scraped my car’s drivers’ side and ran with his car. I personally eye witnessed that horrible crime as I was coming back from shopping. I called up the police immediately and gave them the criminal’s car plate number. A cop came and did little survey on my car and then gave me a form of hit and run incident and then left. I was so angry at the police that, after I gave him the car plate number he did not take any additional actions. He said to fill out the form and send it in they will track the criminal down. At that point I was more concerned about my car than anything else. Afterwards, I called my insurance company to inform them of the damage. They said that they will only go by my insurance policy. My policy states that I have 500 dollars deductible, in other wards I have to pay first 500 dollars and they will pay the rest. I was surprised; I thought why I would have to pay a dime out on my pocket since I have done nothing wrong. After this incident I know that insurance is only source of getting my money. So owning a car is not just paying the dealer the price it is far more then we think. I learned a big lesson the hard way. After this incident I thought that I was personally hurt by the car. I really felt the damage on my self.

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