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Revenge for the Family

In Shakespeares “Hamlet one of the main themes is the desire for revenge to redeem family honor. Prince Hamlet seeks revenge against his uncle, Claudius, for the death of his parents, especially his father. Hamlet is very curious about the cause of his fathers death and is still in mourning. Hamlet envisions the ghost of his father, and speaks to it. Hamlet finds out the truth about his fathers death, that he was murdered by Claudius. Although Hamlet is told by the “ghost” that Claudius killed his father he still wants to be positive before he takes any action. To do so hamlet decides he’s going to perform a test to see if Claudius really murdered his father. The way his father was killed was King Hamlet was sleeping in the garden and someone poured poison in his ear and he was killed. Hamlet decides to have “players” put on a play for the king and queen, reenacting the king’s death. While the play was taking place people were watching Claudius to see his reaction when the part of the death came along. When this part came about Claudius stood and shouted, and then he left the room. After Hamlet seeing this he was sure that Claudius had murdered his father. Hamlet decides to take action as revenge against the murderer, and to restore his family to the throne.

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Later in the play, when Claudius, Hamlets uncle, marries Hamlets mother, Hamlet feels like his familys honor has been violated. He is very disgusted by his mothers decision and wants to put a stop to this marriage. Hamlet feels like his fathers kingdom has been stolen away from him by Claudius. At this point Hamlet goes insane by pretending to do all kinds of strange things. At one point he is even heard contemplating suicide. Other people look at Hamlet as if he cannot get over his fathers death, so two of his friends are brought over to try entertaining him and cheering him up. This is all part of Hamlets plans for revenge for his family.

Towards the end of the play Hamlet agrees to fight Alerts, but this contest is all just part of Claudiuss plan to kill Hamlet. Claudiuss plan was for Alerts to have an extra sharpened sword with poison on the end of it, so that he would only need to strike Hamlet to kill him. Claudius also has a back-up plan in case Hamlet wins the sword fight. The men will drink to Hamlets win, but Hamlets cup of wine will have poison in it. Hamlet and Alerts begin to fight, Hamlet wins the first match without Alerts even hitting him. The two fight again this time each losing their sword. Hamlet picks up Alertness’ sword and strikes him, killing him. After Hamlet’s victory the king and queen drink wine, mistakenly the queen drinks the cup of poison, she is killed instantly. Hamlet survives, and wants to seek even more revenge now that Claudius has killed both his parents. He is able to continue with his plans for revenge for his familys honor.

Now that Claudius has murdered both of Hamlet’s parents, Hamlet wishes to seek revenge upon Claudius. Hamlet picks up Alertness’ sword with poison on the end and chases after Claudius. Once hamlet catches him he forces him to drink the remaining wine in the poisoned cup. Claudius cries out for forgiveness while dying he is not answered and he dies there shortly. Hamlet who has been struck from the sword is also dying slowly. As he is dying he has a few last words, he forgives Alerts for his action. He also says as his last thing that he wants Fortinbras to be named king of Denmark.

Hamlet not only wished to seek revenge for his father’s death but also for his families honor that had been taken from him. When the thrown was taken over by Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius, he felt as his if someone was trying to get rid of his father’s name. Then when his mother was killed he felt even more violated. He then killed Claudius regaining the thrown of his family. Although Hamlet died shortly there after the thrown would still be remembered as King Hamlet’s, the great king, not as Claudius the murderers.

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