Monday, October 22, 2012

Team Norms

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II. How Norms Develop

a. They can be set over time

1. Example � students will sit in the same seat each time in class; group members will sit in the same seat during a group meeting;

b. Carryovers from other situations

1. Example � Professional standards of conduct, you usually act a certain way in the work place or a certain way in class

c. Explicit statements from others

1. Example � Your boss tells you how we do it around here. There can also be specific lists that tell you how you are supposed to act.

d. Critical events in group history

1. Example � Once a person suffered a loss because one person divulged company secrets so a norm develops to maintain secrecy

. Example � At work, one person got in trouble for being late so now it is a norm to always be at work on time

III. Common High Performance Team Norms

a. No put-downs directed toward other members � encourage other team members

b. Celebrate Success - teams will recognize small successful steps or milestones

1. This will lead to higher team commitment and confidence

c. Rotate Leadership Responsibilities

1. Different members have different skills and abilities and this should be taken advantage of

. Needs to be equal decision making power

d. Have Fun

1. Can build energy in a group and give the members a mental break

e. Frequent Quality Reviews

1. Informal milestone checks to keep the group on task � can just ask “So what have we learned?” during the meeting

IV. The Definition of Group Cohesion

a. “the degree of attraction people feel toward the team and their motivation to remain members.”

b. This is an important determinant to a team’s success

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