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blade runner

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Blade runner is a movie that was released in the early 180’s. This movie was originally a text novel written by Phillip K, Dick and directed in a video by Ridly Scott. Blade runner is a science fiction film mainly for the fact of its importance in science and how fictional it would have been in the time of the making. Blade runner is set in November 01 in America, LA.

Blade runner is am outlook of the future, where the most ordinary people have left and travelled to outer world colonies. Where there is no middle class citizens, just the lower people who seem to struggle to survive. This movie is set in the future where genetic engineering has already been introduced and done. There are six replicants that are genetically engineered beings who have returned to earth to face their creator. They are being hunted down by so called humans to be retired for causing trouble and being an inconvenience on Earth. The blade runner says. This is where blade runner comes in. Blade runner is a retired police officer who has just been brought back to his job once again. His job is to retire all of the nexus six replicants. Replicants are like any other machine. The blade runner says, “Theyre either a benefit or a hazard. If theyre a benefit, its not my problem”.

The only replicants that we know of are Leon, Roy, Zhora, Pris and a replicant who has been zapped, they are the ones who have returned back to earth to face their creator Tyrell for programming them to only live a certain period of time which is four years. The second replicant to be retired is Zhora, in the same scene Leon gets very offended by his partner’s death so attempts to kill Deckard the blade runner. As soon as this takes place, Rachel an experiment tried out by Tyrell comes to Deckard’s rescue. Rachel is not aware that she is a replicant until she has a void com test done by Deckard.

The only two replicants left to find Tyrell are Pris and Roy. They do this by going to J.F Sebastian, who is a genetic engineer that helps Tyrell. Roy goes to Tyrell for a way of getting more life. When Roy realises he can not get what he wants he decides to kill his creator by cracking his face by what could be known as his superhuman powers.

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The death of Pris enrages Roy, and using his superhuman strength takes a savage revenge on Deckard and brakes his fingers. There is a huge climax where Deckard is about to fall to his death Roy saves him so that he can feel the pain of knowing when you are going to die, and it is really believed by Deckard even though shortly after that it is Roys time to die. In this scene Roy tells Deckard “Quite an experience to live in fear, isnt it? Thats what it is to be a slave”.

One of the main themes associated in the film is that of the Asians taking over most parts of America. We are left to think if the rest of the world in ‘01’ is also part of the new Asian way of life. Another can be how advanced everything is. Even the billboards are electronic; they move and talk like people on a television would.

Blade runner is a movie that one day we might find relevant to our lives. We are only fourteen years away to what our world may become. Already the beginning of genetic engineering has begun but not yet to the extent of the film. The fact that English is hardly used any more is frightening. The only important people on earth are the ones of benefit such as police officers and scientists like Tyrell. When Bryant the police chief is trying to convince Deckard to take the case and kill the nexus six he says “ you know the score pal. If your not a cop, your little people” so if you were not of importance to Earth you didn’t matter.

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