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this is dumb

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Could Socialism Take Over a Capitalist America?

Socialism is “a concept applied to various theories of social organization, which aim to reorganize society on the basis of cooperation rather than competition.”(1) It was initially meant to abolish inequality. As a whole, the entire reform system is “utopian”, or overly perfect. Socialism is basically the collection of ideals that entirely contradict all that America has run on from the beginning. Could socialism ever really replace capitalism as America’s main form of government? Many experts believe capitalism may eventually evolve into socialism, but I this goes against an order that America has profited off of in many ways and and we certainly would not change.

First of all America simply would not switch, even at the most gradual pace to socialism, purely out of fear. This is mostly fear in the political spectrum. Socialism as a political force seeks the adoption of certain reforms, such as government control of production and distribution to better serve the interests of the masses, rather than the individual. Those advocationg for the reforms, demand government ownership of all of the country’s natural resources for mass-benefit as well. In an economic sense it would appear that the government has an overabundance of power, which we as American’s would not stand for. We set up our entire government with a system of checks and balances involving the people governed, to prevent such an occurance as that. The earliest settlers came from a situation where they had no “say” in what went on, and they knew better than to repeat a government they had just retreated from. Fear of repeating the past would be a simple enough motivation to keep us away from socialism.

America is also one of the richest nations in the world. We can dedicate this mainly to capitalism. Capitalism, much like socialism, is a social systerm. Although capitalism is the exact opposite, emphasizing individual rights rather than the rights of the general public. We’ve held this ideal, and many others since the beginning. Taking pride in individual freedoms, like private property and ownership. Capitalism is not only related in an economic sense. It is the idea of a free-thinking and free-acting society, running on the motto, “Man is an end in himself, and not a slave to the ends of ‘society’”( In our system we thrive off the fact that a poor laborer could become a millionaire, and climbing up the ladder of life is entirely possible. The end comes down to why we would want to fix a social system that has benefitted so many people in so many ways. It would be ludacris.

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Socialism asks for “an obtainment of social equality”( Only in a perfect society could this take place, and no society or the ideals in which they live are perfect. People living in a socialist reform will not be given that inalienable right to judge as we have, because when given the right to judge one must also be prepared to BE judged. That judgement could be based on the color of ones skin, or the content of their character. Either way would lead to inequality; for people will not all agree in their assessments. We, as Americans are priviledged to have these rights from birth, and I know we appreciate being able to persue happiness by our own means. Americans show their pride in or out of tragedy, and it is because we are given these rights as an individual that we are feel this pride. People who run as a whole are denied that pride, and that is what makes America powerful. Our pride. It would go against America’s order to become a socialist nation. Furthermore, it would surely lead to our decline as a major power simply from our loss of pride. For the aforementioned reasons, I strongly feel that America will not at any pace evolve into a socialist nation. It contradicts all ideals we’ve held strong forever.

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