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The Research Process

. The ultimate goal of science is to go beyond common sense and discover “what” it is, and “why” it is. With theories and methods to prove these theories, the explanation of life can more understood.

10. Scientific explanation differ from other kinds of explanations because scientific ones require scientific research, which uses objective, systematic observations to test theories, rather than relying on assumptions or common sense. It involves a research method, collecting data that is reliable and valid, analyzing the results, and sharing the results.

11. Two major methods in sociological research are participant observation and survey methods. The survey method allows you to gather information from a vast number of people in a large territory. Though this may help get an answer as people as a whole, it can lead to skewed results when trying to select a sample, individuals among your target population. For example, researching on why people think others alter they bodies with tattoos and/or piercing, to select a sample with people strictly with tattoos and/or piercing will alter results. You won’t get the view of the majority of people, only the bias opinion of those that favor body modification. To stay clear of this, a random sample is used- everyone in your population has the same chance of being included in the study. Also, to have reliable results, you have to use neutral questions as well as open-ended questions. In participant observation, the researcher participates in a research setting while observing what is happening in that setting. Although you may get “up close and personal” with what you’re observing, but most research topics are hard to affiliate with this type of research. If you wanted to observe why gang members join a gang, the environment to participate in would be very difficult and unsafe.


1. Research dealing with human behavior cannot be completely value free-personal values or biases should not influence social research and totally neutral. Even though sociologists agree that objectivity is a major goal, no one can escape values entirely. Sociologists, like everyone else, is a part of a particular society with its own values and ideas. These values are

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