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Deus Ex Invisible War for the PC was released on 1/ from Eidos Interactive. It has been reviewed by websites and magazines including 1UP, IGN, ActionTrip and GameSpot. The average review ratio for all editorial reviews has been 8.%. A title needs at least 10 reviews in the database before it is placed into the overall rankings, so check back soon to see where this title stands compared to all the others.


Deus Ex Invisible War PC 8.%

Ninja Gaiden XBOX --

Halo XBOX --

Armed and Dangerous XBOX 84.%

Deus Ex Invisible War XBOX 86.0%

Drake XBOX 16.5%

Call of Duty PC .4%

Battlestar Galactica XBOX 6.%

Dragon Ball Z Budokai PS 6.6%

Cold Winter PS --



On 11/18 the GameCube received a new game from Ubisoft titled Prince of Persia. Since then 10 sites and magazines have reviewed it including Lawrence, GamingWorld, Nintendophiles and GameCube Advanced. Together their reviews have resulted in an average ratio of 4.%. That ratio has resulted in this title becoming the 16th best game of all time and the rd best game on the GameCube.


Prince of Persia GC 4.%

Project Gotham XBOX .%

Star Wars KOTOR PC .%

Mario & Luigi GBA 0.%

Mario Kart Double Dash GC 88.8%

Sleeping Dragon PC 87.%

Need for Speed Underground XBOX 87.%

Final Fantasy X- PS 85.%

Metal Arms GC 85.1%

Need for Speed Underground PS 85.1%





Game Boy Advance Reviews

Sword of Mana GameSpot 7.1/10

The Sims Bustin Out GamePro 4/5

Show More Game Boy Advance Reviews -

GameCube Reviews

1080 Avalanche Cube Europe /10

1080 Avalanche GameSpot 6.7/10

1080 Avalanche Game Play 8/10

1080 Avalanche Eurogamer 7/10

1080 Avalanche Games Domain .5/5

Beyond Good & Evil GameSpot 8./10

Goblin Commander Unleash the Horde eToyChest 4/5

Gotcha Force GameSpot 5/10

Gotcha Force IGN 6.5/10

Pok�mon Channel IGN 5/10

Show More GameCube Reviews -

PC Reviews

Armed and Dangerous IGN 8./10

Armed and Dangerous GameSpot 7./10

Deus Ex Invisible War Gaming Age C+

Deus Ex Invisible War Next Level Gaming 85/100

Lords of EverQuest GameSpot 5.5/10

Lords of EverQuest Games Domain 4/5

Lords of EverQuest IGN 6.5/10

Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark Games Domain 4.5/5

Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark IGN 8.6/10

Silent Storm Gamer Nation UK 84./100

Space Haste Game Chronicles 5.5/10

Time of Defiance VideoGamesLife 1/100

Show More PC Reviews -

PlayStation Reviews

Dragon Ball Z Budokai GameSpot 6.7/10

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Games Domain /5

Dragon Ball Z Budokai GamePro /5

Ghosthunter Total Video Games 8/10

Max Payne The Fall of Max Payne GameSpot 6.5/10

Max Payne The Fall of Max Payne IGN 7./10

Mission Impossible Operation Surma Eurogamer 5/10

Mobile Suit Gundam Encounters in Space IGN 7./10

Show More PlayStation Reviews -

Xbox Reviews

Armed and Dangerous TeamXBOX .8/5

Beyond Good & Evil 1UP 7.5/10

Broken Sword The Sleeping Dragon TeamXBOX .7/5

Deus Ex Invisible War GamePro 5/5

I-Ninja 1UP 7/10

Show More Xbox Reviews -



1/5 Gundam Encounters in Space - PS

1/5 Virtual Pool - PS

1/4 Culdcept - PS

1/4 I-Ninja - GC

1/4 I-Ninja - XBOX

1/4 Sorcerers Maze - PS

1/4 Black & White Deluxe - PC

1/ Gotcha Force - GC

1/ CM Afrika Korps - PC

1/ X The Threat - PC




Drake of the Dragons - XBOX

Need for Speed Underground - PC

Batman Rise of Sin Tzu - PS

Batman Rise of Sin Tzu - XBOX

Batman Rise of Sin Tzu - GC




Warcraft III Art Tools Bug Fix

PSX Expensive PS or cheap media center?

Pokemon GBA Bugs Out, Internal Clock To Blame

Best Holiday Gaming Seasons Ever?

Tecmo Confirms Ninja Gaiden Delay

Return of the Space Invaders

California Anti-Videogame Bill Author Interviewed

Zelda - Four Swords Gets Tetras Trackers Bonus

Sega Goes Crazy, Sues Fox, EA Over Taxi

Battlefield 14 Mod Development Tool v1.0b

RC Cars goes gold

Full Spectrum Warrior Preview

Samurai Shodown Zero for PS confirmed

LEDZone, Pt 4 Namcos new business model put to the test

Counter-Strike Condition Zero Q&A



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