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Thailand Today

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Thailand Today

Today, we would like to talk about Thailand, a booming country in southeast Asia. Due to the brevity of this talk we will only give a brief overview of the geography, historic background, religion and weather, and conclude with the Current Economic Stability of Thailand.

Geographically the kingdom of Thailand coverings an area of 514,000 square kilometers and lies in the heart of Southeast Asia roughly equidistant between India and China. It borders Burma to the West, North Laos to the North, Northeast Cambodia in the east and Malaysia in the South. Its population is currently 61.5 million.

In order to let people have a general impression about Thailand, I will say a few words about this Kingdom¡¦s fascinating historic background. Thailand is an island country; the unified Thai kingdom was established in the mid-14th century. It was known as Siam until 1. Of the multiple conflicts which have taken place in South East Asia Thailand has never been ruled or under jurisdiction by any European power. The only major shift of power in the last century was a bloodless revolution in 1 which led to a constitutional monarchy. Additionally, during World War an alliance was formed with Japan. After the war Thailand realized an alliance with the US would better suit its demands.

Thailand is one of the largest practicing Buddhist countries in the world. This national religion is Theravada Buddhism, a branch of Hinayana Buddhism, which is practiced by more than 0% of all Thais. About 10 million of whom live in the capital city of Bangkok.

Thailand has a warm tropical climate affected by an annual monsoon or rainy season from June to October. The rest of the year is mostly dry and the temperature averages between 75 to degrees Fahrenheit, with the highest temperatures from march to may and the lowest in December and January. This weather enrich many kinds of tropical fruits and crops.

Thailand¡¦s economy has its own unique characteristics. Although an early dependence on agriculture was the basis of the economic stability, the economy now rides on a strategic mix of manufacturing and service-based industries because of scarce natural recourses. In terms of foreign exchange, tourism continues to provide the biggest source of revenue with an average of over 6,000,000 visitors per year since 15. The other leading economic stabilizers are the textile and garment manufacturing industries and the large quantity of high quality rice which is exported every year. It is important to mention that over 5% of the Thailand¡¦s economy is controlled by overseas Chinese, that intensively builds up a strong relationship between these two countries in trading and doing business together, growing together.

What¡¦s more, exporting and tourism are the chief reliance of Thailand. Thailand has perhaps produced the most dramatic shift in it economy in the past fifteen years of all the Southeast Asian countries. Over the past six years the country¡¦s economy has grown an average of some 8% and is expected to maintain this rate of growth over the next two to three.

Growth in the financial sector has paralleled that of industry and commerce in general with the establishment in 10 of the stock exchange of Thailand and expansion and strengthening of financial institutions. International investment particularly in the manufacturing sector has been substantially encouraged by the board of investment which grants tax concession and other privileges to suitable applicants.

To sum up, Thailand strives towards their goals of establishing the country as a regional financial and manufacturing hub. visitors to this still fascinating land will no doubt contend themselves with the excellent value this economic tiger offers as a tourist playground.

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