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› alien•ation noun [U] Many immigrants suffer from a sense of alienation

When human beings sense, see, think of their surroundings as something very apart from themselves it is called alienation. Everyone has at one point felt that he was an outsider. And some may have felt the unpleasantness of standing in a cold street looking through the window at a happy community. Many teenagers today feel that they are from a different culture. Their parents have no idea of how they feel and why they behave the way they do. But for teenagers this will all pass; they will look upon it as a phase in their life.

But there is another kind of alienation the kind that is not a phase. It is not easy to live in a society where different cultures have to live next to each other. It takes time, effort and resources before it can happen in peace and harmony. The situation is even more poignant when a group feels alienated. The problem is often just swept under the carpet and other issues are being discussed. The more you try to hide the problem the stronger it will knock on your door one day, and the consequence can be harder to repair.

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An example of two cultures living side by side exists in Canada. Here is a cultural double vision. A French society living next to an English society two nationalities, two languages, two cultures have to live with each other. Margaret Atwood has written three poems where this conflict is visible. She belongs to the English speaking part of Quebec. According to the first-person this provides a sense of conflict in her.

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