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Contemporary Hero

The Conspiracy

I walked out of the Paul¡¯s apartment, I sniffed the air, feeling fulfilled and complete. There was light snow falling which is unusual at this time of the year. The street was dark and quiet. It was a peaceful feeling. Then suddenly, the screeching of tires nearly pierced my eardrums. Next thing I know I was on the ground, I felt no pain as I closed my eyes and what I saw in my mind was truly astounding¡­

The year is 008 and the world is a dangerous and chaotic place. Terrorists operate openly, killing thousands; a disease, notoriously named ¡°god¡¯s revenge¡± kill even more. The worlds economics are close to collapse and the gap between the insanely wealthy and the desperately poor has grown to the size of the Grand Canyon.

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My code name is ¡°AJ Smith¡±. I am an agent working for UNATO, United Nations Anti-Terrorism Organization. I just got promoted from the Academy and am now working with my brother Paul Smith. Our main mission is to find the vaccine named ¡°nano¡± for ¡°god¡¯s revenge¡± while keeping the crime rate at a minimum. I thought I had the world at my feet, until that day arrived.

As I can still recall it was a rainy day that day, a Friday like any Friday, I woke up late for work that day, dreary from the previous night¡¯s excessive consumption of alcohol. As I rushed into the office of my boss David Mandorley handed me my new assignment. It seemed no different from the other countless assignments I¡¯ve done so far. I walked back down to my office, passing the same old red door labeled ¡°Authorized Personnel ONLY¡±. I opened the door of my office and flicked the switch.

¡°What took you so long AJ?¡± said a voice which was very familiar.

I jumped a little inside, but I would never show it on my face.

¡°Still remember who I am?¡± It was Paul. Only he had the skill to come into my office without a key.

I replied with a smile, and then I asked him why he was here for.

¡°Oh I just thought that you¡¯re now so famous that you probably forgot about me.¡± He replied.

¡°Seriously what¡¯s up?¡±

¡°Just telling you to be careful AJ, looks can deceive. Doesn¡¯t hurt to try the opposite¡­¡± Paul responded nonchalantly as he walked away without looking back. Typical Paul.

I sat down and logged into my personal account where I get the information for the inventories I need for this mission. Surprisingly there was none. I opened the folder Mandorley gave me and found a piece of card. On it, it simply said ¡°100 My place, PAUL 05¡±. I felt that something was not right, but decided to see it out anyway. I anxiously loaded and polished my usual weapons and waited for the time to come. Finally, my watch indicated 1855 and I took off for Paul¡¯s apartment.

I arrived, and normally I would go in through the secret way using the window, but this time I decided to go in through the front door. I knocked but no one replied. Running out of patience I lock-picked the door and went in. Empty. The room was dark and empty. I turned on my night vision goggles and sneaked around. Suddenly in the corner of my eyes I noticed something which wasn¡¯t usually there. I went up closer to it. It was a portable keypad, one where you enter the pin number from anywhere and it would open a door. I took out the piece of paper I found in the folder. ¡°100 My place, PAUL 05¡±. I entered 05 but access was denied. Then I remembered what Paul said to me before he left. ¡°Just telling you to be careful AJ, looks can deceive. Doesn¡¯t hurt to try the opposite¡­¡± 5---0. A door slid open behind me as I watched, Paul never told me about this secret entry.

I went in, and it was an armory. This place had every weapon. Plasma rifle, flame thrower, rocket launcher and more. I took a couple of explosives and rifles and just then another piece of paper caught my attention. It reads ¡°UNATO Basement immediately, PAUL¡±. With now suspicions very high, I headed back to UNATO headquarters.

I parked my car in a rural park and silently walked to the UNATO basement without trying to be noticed. And at last, Paul was there waiting for me.

¡°What took you so long?¡± Typical.

¡°Get to the point Paul, what is going on?¡± I asked losing patience fast.

¡°Ok AJ, it¡¯s about time I tell you what is really going on. You heard of Johnny Patton?¡±

¡°The world¡¯s richest man and the only producer of Nano?¡±

¡°Yes, but what is interesting is that he is also the inventor of God¡¯s Revenge. He used his wealth to construct a universal constructor and started rapidly producing the disease. Then when the world is at his mercy, he started to produce Nano. However the production of God¡¯s Revenge exceeds the production of Nano by far. So unless people start to listen to him, more and more will suffer until he becomes the ruler of this country. No, world. Listen AJ, I¡¯ve been working secretly when I found a sample of God¡¯s Revenge on Mandorley¡¯s table. UNATO and Mandorley is just a cover up for Patton. Mandorley gets to be Patton¡¯s right-hand man when he becomes the ruler of the world.¡±

I do not remember what I did next. All I recall was the voice of Paul continuing.

¡°The only way we can stop this massacre is to expose Patton. And the only way to do that is to rescue Patton¡¯s daughter, and a few other key personnels locked up in the UNATO prison. Patton left them to be used as experiments and when finished, they are killed.¡±

I cannot believe it, but I had to go ahead. We opened the secret door which led to the basement that apparently only Paul knew of. A narrow passage led down to a door with a portable keypad. Paul bypassed the security and we crouched as we walked through. We took out the guards on either side with our silent pistols. The next door had a similar setup but this time Paul was unable to go through. Instead, he deliberately entered the wrong numbers and when the guard came out checking what was going on Paul slit his throat while I shot the other guard running away to set the alarm.

We entered the enormous room which seemed like the main hall of a palace. And what I saw confirmed what Paul told me. The room was filled with boxes of God¡¯s Revenge. And a small amount of Nano. Then, the alarm went off without a warning. I realized there was another guard hiding while we took the other two out. The room was filled with the annoying sound of the siren. Paul shot down the siren but it was too late. The sound of UNATO troops rushing towards us was loud enough to make a kid start crying.

¡°Here they come¡± Paul said almost without any hint of fear as he pulled out his plasma rifle. While I stuck to my assault rifle.

DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! Came the sound of the footsteps, then suddenly it stopped. The silence was deafening.

It seemed an eternity for them to open the door, and when they did, the scent of blood filled the sky. We shot down countless troops but they kept on coming. We were running out of clips. Just when it got critical, my mind clicked.

¡°I¡¯m gonna shoot the boxes!¡± I screamed as loud as I could trying to make it audible over the sound of gunshots and roars of pain.

Paul acknowledged what I was about to do. He covered me while I shot open the boxes which contained the deadly disease. Almost immediately the enemy soldiers started to fall like leaves. We, of course, as agents had Nano injected into our body before every mission. Treading through the countless bodies we went into the next room.

The room erupted with cheers as the hostages held by UNATO realized their freedom. And then I saw her. Sarah Patton, the most beautiful girl in the world, sat there glumly in the cell. She was pale, but she was still a gem. She looked up, and saw me, and weakly smiled.

So I guess the story ends here. Patton was executed, and the world is beginning to restore law and order. Paul is still an agent working for some secret organization. He said he just could not get enough. While I, I am going to France, where Sarah is waiting for me.

I went to Paul¡¯s apartment for the last time picking up some memorabilias. I hugged him and bided farewell. Amazingly it was the first time we hugged since we joined UNATO. I walked out of the Paul¡¯s apartment, I sniffed the air, feeling fulfilled and complete. There was light snow falling which is unusual at this time of the year. The street was dark and quiet. It was a peaceful feeling. Then suddenly, the screeching of tires nearly pierced my eardrums. The car flew by, in it was a man who looked a bit like David Mandorley. Next thing I know I was on the ground, red patches appeared on my chest. Paul ran down to me and I whispered the name of the killer to him. He nodded with a hint of tears in his eyes. I felt no pain as I closed my eyes and what I saw in my mind was truly astounding¡­ Sarah¡­ sarah¡­ s¡­a¡­


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