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A thing in the forest by a.s. byatt

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One of the themes expressed in the story is that the human psyche is capable of being derived from many different fixations. Discussing the following areas may prove this thesis true plot, characterization, and symbolism. Byatt seems to suggest that the human psyche in this story is characterized as realism versus fantasy.

One of the stories greatest features is that it begins and ends as a fairytale. From the plot, we are able to see how both Primrose’s and Penny’s characters prove the thesis true. Both girls had never seen a forest before, and they decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Primrose, the one with a great imagination, was hesitant to go far into the forest because she imagined that ‘the forest” was a source of terror and was afraid to see what awaited her. Both of these characters lost their fathers after the war, but found it difficult to remember them. However after the girls experienced �The Thing in the Forest”, they were unable to forget �it.” Because of the reality of what the women encountered, they distinctly remembered its face and body, its frightening sound, and its horrid smell. After many years, the girls reunited and realized how dissimilar they really were.

In the characterizations of both women, Penny and Primrose had much in common, yet they were polar opposites. Even at a young age Primrose was an �imaginer”, while Penny was a reader. The two women differed in other ways as well. Their speech, their physical features, and their clothing were all diametrically opposed. Even after the war there were still similarities and differences in their fates. Both dyed their hair blond and lived on their own, but never married. When they returned to the forest, their reactions were different as well. Penny was a very concrete and ordinary person who, unlike Primrose was unable to see the beauty in �things.” Primrose, on the other hand, was able to see both the loveliness and the hideousness of what she had experienced. Unlike Penny, she was able to find beauty in �the thing in the forest,” and to remember her experience as a good one.

Symbolism was another aspect that played a major role in this story. Alys’s beauty was a symbol of the girl’s youth. Her death was a symbol that their youth was over, along with their lost innocence. Both Primrose and Penny had questioned if Alys really existed or if they had just imagined her in their fantasy. Another symbol was �the thing” in the forest. Perhaps it was a symbol of the loathly worm that nobody was able to see. Because of Primrose’s broad imagination and her inventiveness, she was able to see and also believe that this creature in reality truly existed.

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