Thursday, July 12, 2012

Short Story

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They walk in and out like they owned the place or maybe you could say they did because its subway. As you enter subway you see the tables and seats with napkins holders on top. People walk down the stairs and stand in line waiting to get in front of this glass counter where you could see ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato as well as other toppings which are the components needed for a sub. As a costumer looks around they see posters of six-inch subs and see the repeated mentioning of the name subway suggesting they sell subs or sandwich related food.

Costumers stand in line and wait; as you look around you see people seating at the tables of this restaurant talking enjoying their food. On the table you see someone with a conical object wrapped in paper covered with the subway logo and you immediately identify the food to be a sub of some kind. The customer approaches the counter and says, “I would like a six inch ham on wheat with lettuce and tomatoes.” The employee on the other side of the counter does not question or ask what he means or looks at him weird by what the customer says and desires. The employee gets to work making a six-inch ham sub with lettuce and tomatoes on wheat bread without any doubt that this was what the customer wanted. The employee knows that the customer wants this specific sub because of this was a subway restaurant and they only sell subs and nothing else not look at him on the other side ask them what they would like. People waiting in line wait and also don’t question the order he gave the employee or think of him as being weird because of what he says because it seemed to make sense in this place.

The customer receives the sub and pays for it at the cashier because he knows that is what he wanted. Juan later comes in; he looks around and sees the same surroundings as the previous costumers. He sees the signs of subway and people enjoying their subs. He waits in line and he seems normal and people don’t notice. Juan approaches the counter and sees the ham and the bread cooking in the back and to many these should click that they make subs. The employee asks what he wants and he answers, “give me a medium pizza with mushrooms.” The employee says, “excuse me?” with a questioning tone as if Juan had said something wrong. Juan repeats that he wants a medium pizza and the employee looks and the costumers in line look at him weird as if he was crazy. They all start laughing thinking that this must be some kind of joke and tell him to stop joking around and to place the real order.

Juan looks at them seriously, but they all seemed confused on the order because it was just not appropriate for subway. The employee apologized with a look of contempt because they did not make pizza here and so he leaves with an angry look because he did not get the pizza that he wanted. Once he left people started talking and saying that if there was something wrong with him or if he was crazy because they all knew what he ordered just wasn’t appropriate because the environment showed this was a subway restaurant and only sold subs.

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