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gggggggggggggggggggg1). I could have kept going and taken with me the truth of what had happened in that house (87). David is reflecting how if he would have left his house to go elsewhere and never comeback, his family would have never know that his Uncle Frank murdered Marie. David was the person that saw Uncle Frank in his house the day Marie died. The declarations that David makes against his Uncle Frank are very fundamental on making Wesley to arrest his brother.

). He had long since stopped being my father. He was now my interrogator, my cross-examiner. The sheriff (8). When David told his father about about seeing Uncle Frank in his house right after Marie died his father then started to interrogate him. After he told Wesely that he saw his Uncle in his house when Marie die, he then started to asked David a series of about what he saw that day. The questions that Wesley was asking his son where much more professional about trying to solve a crime, which made David think that he was now being interviewed by the sheriff that his father was of the town and not as his father.

). Wesley, repeated Grandfather. Get your ass in gear and get your brother out here now (115). At this time Wesley had just arrested Frank and instead of locking him in the jail, he locked him in their basement to save his embarrasment. After Davids grandfather learns about he immediately goes to Wesleys house to demand him to leave his son free. The above quote shows how much Davids grandfather cares about his son Frank and that he was his favorite son.

4). Ever since the war, Grandfather began, ever since Frank came home in a uniform and you stayed here, youve been jealous. I saw it. Your mother saw it. The whole goddamn town saw it (11). Julian Hayden who is Davids grandfather is referring to Wesley to be a jealous at his brother Frank for the simple reason that Frank was a war hero and he was not. After Frank returned from fighting WWII all the town prepared him a celebration where he was honor as a war hero. Moeover Julian is saying that the jealousy that Wesley feels about Frank is making him do everything that he is doing against Frank; like arresting him and locking him in his bsement.

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5). We were as close as Mercer County came to aristocracy. I never consciously traded on the Hayden name, yet I knew it gave me a measure of respect that I didnt have to earn (16). In the above quote David is acknowledging how his family name is a very significant name in his community. The way his community treated him made him believed that the Hayden family were considered superiors to others. The Haydens were as powerfull as anybody because the were the law of Montana. All of these characteristics were an important aspect about the Hayden family that made them earn all the respect that they had.

6). I looked up at her astride her horse, and all I could think of was- What did Uncle Frank do to you? Did he touch you there? There? What did he put inside you? (18). David is showing how the accussations that Uncle Frank was sexually abusing all his Indian patients were making him change the way he saw his uncle. Now instead of seeing him as the charming Uncle Frank, he was seeing him as the pervert Uncle Frank. Anytime David saw any of his uncle patients he would instantly start thinking about what might Uncle Frank have done to them while they were being checked by his uncle.

7). Since the moment this scandal had broken only a few days earlier, this was the most explicit anyone had been in my presence. My father actually said the word sexual in front of me! (141). Before the scandals that were made against Uncle Frank, Davids family was a very respectful family and would have never said a bad or an immoral word in the presence of David. Davids family was always being very careful of the commentaries that they made in front of David. However everything would change, now Davids family was not paying too much attention on those details of swearing in front him and David was being very aware of it.

8). David, I believe that in this world people must pay for their crimes. It doesnt matter who you are or who your relations are; if you do wrong, you pay (156). Davids father is admiting that in this world the law should be fairly applied to everybody. If somebody has committed a crime he/she should be punished and jailed no matter the relation of what you have with that perosn. Even though Frank was Wesleys brother he still continued to investigate and punish his own brother by locking him in the basement for all the crimes he commited. He showed how a loyal person he is to his job. hhhhhhhh

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