Friday, July 13, 2012

Brave New World

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The Brave New World Is it already upon us?

Huxleys vision of the future, portrayed in the novel Brave New World, holds many similarities to America’s present day society. Huxleys vision was a vision of a trivial society, filled with self-pleasure and ignorance. In society today, knowledge is no longer praised as much as it has been in past generations. This has caused a scarcity in the willingness to learn. Also, mind-altering substances have become more and more common as today’s technology advances. These drugs allow society to escape from the problems of life instead of dealing with reality. Almost everywhere you look, such as books, magazines, TV, radio, advertisements, etc., you will generally find at least one mention of sexuality. This has resulted in society slowly losing its morals. It almost seems as if Huxley’s ideas of the “New World” were not as far fetched, as they had seemed when he had written the book.

In today’s society, brawn is often praised a great deal more than brains. In past cultures intellect was cherished, praised, and honored. However, in present time our most honored members of society are the athletes, models, and entertainers. Although intellect is what keeps the world turning, philosophers, scientists, and innovators are rarely as publicized, praised, or even known as well as a handsome athlete or a “perfect body.” Due to this lack of admiration for intelligence, many children are no longer inspired to learn from a book or teacher. Their dreams consist of winning the World Series or being a movie or pop star. This depravation of learning has had a negative effect on societys intelligence; many children are becoming ignorant and dumb. Just as Huxley portrayed in Brave New World, society as a whole is slowly becoming more and more ignorant. If this pattern continues, Huxleys vision may just become correct, and our society will be turned into a mass of stupidity.

Since the turn of the 60s drugs have become available just about anywhere to anyone. Drugs are widely available and can usually be obtained rather easily by a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or on the streets. This increase in drug usage parallels the use of Soma in the Brave New World. Soma was a pill the masses of the New World depended upon to take them away on “holiday.” Just like many people of today’s society, instead of facing reality, they choose to chase their dilemmas away with a pill, liquid, or powder. Although soma is not a common drug of present time, other similar substances run rampant. Huxleys vision of drug usage is slowly becoming a reality as a quiet majority of our society continues their dependence on drugs.

Face it, Sex has become an important aspect of American Society. It is seen almost everywhere. Advertisers use it to sell products, television shows use it to acquire ratings, and even professional entertainers use it to gain admiration. With sex being displayed everywhere in our society, people feel greater urges to indulge in sexual pleasures. Divorce rates have risen to an all time high, in America, over the past few decades. Many divorces are due to adultery or the fulfillment of lust. Just as in the Brave New World, promiscuity has become a “normal” aspect of society. In today’s society there is no telling how many sexual encounters your partner has been apart of. Although Huxleys vision incorporated the idea of free love, which is not expressed today, and was a disease free atmosphere, unlike our world, the principle he envisioned is slowly becoming a reality. Slowly, society is losing its morals and gradually becoming one big “orgy porgy.”

To conclude, Huxleys vision of the future has become sort of a reality. Although the present day is not exactly how Huxley had envisioned it, it seems as if many of the attitudes of the Brave New World have already slowly become what are classified as normal or even acceptable. Just as in Huxley’s novel, men have turned to material/ shallow forms of glorifying the body instead of the mind, by praising brawn over brain, depending upon drugs, and sexual promiscuity.

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