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biology paper

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1.Since the yeast undergoes break down of glucose and obtain energy under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. When it occurs during anaerobic conditions the oxygen is not present in the reaction. Glucose is metabolized to form pyruvate, which, in turn, is converted to two waste products, CO and ethanol (Dolphin 68). From this experiment’s yeast fermentation the CO and ethanol has been produced. When we add a drop of Iodoform to the .5ml of test tubes distillates from the anaerobic culture and the test tube containing ethanol and water. The reaction occurs within its test tubes and forms precipitate. This provides us with answer that there was presence of Ethanol in the anaerobic distillated solution.

. Since Yeast have Glucose within its system, it can go under both anaerobic and aerobic respiration. This was proved by precipitation forming in the test tube. When anaerobic respiration produced water and ethanol, it showed the presence of breakdown of Glucose. When we tested the CO presence by adding Ba(OH)., it formed gases as bubbles.


The data shown in the result, the possible conclusion could be made is that the oxygen consumption in normal peas is much higher than the frozen/thaw-treated peas.

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5. The increase in temperature exerts more pressure on the gas even the volume stays at a constant. Since when gas molecules are heated it moves a lot faster than at the lower temperature so it increases pressure. The Volume is always constant even though the temperature is decreased and pressure has increased.

6. The advantage of aerobic respiration is that aerobic produces 18 times more ATP than the anaerobic respiration.

The advantage of anaerobic respiration is that it doesn’t need oxygen to produce energy. While in aerobic respiration, it needs to be in an oxygen environment to make the respiration occur.

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