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America and It’s World of Pain Killers

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America and It’s World of Pain Killers

The word pain is defined as a physical suffering associated by a bodily disorder, characterized by physical discomfort or acute mental or emotional suffering. Some of the most common types of physical pains people suffer are smaller pains like headaches, allergies, colds and body aching. Every ache and pain is different and caused by bodily and environmental influences, such as chemical reactions and stress. American people today look for a pain-free life and an instant solution to all of their smallest pangs, which in turn has brought about a wide variety and selection of pain killers and remedies.

Just by taking a trip to Wal-Mart one can see by looking in the medication section of the store that America suffers from pain. There are so many different brands, types, and variations of over-the-counter drugs that its obvious that someone needs helpful relief. At one Wal-Mart there are fourteen different brands of pain killers all of which claim to help types of pains. The varied uses of these brands, range from sinus and allergy to arthritis. Each one has its own special form; gelcaps, tablets, liquid, chewable, and flavored. Out of theses different varieties each brand has variations making about ninety-four choices available at Wal-Mart. In reality there is no need for all these choices when all of the pain killers are typically made out of the same three drugs - ibuprofen, aspirin, and acetaminophen. The selection at Wal-Mart alone shows there is a large market for preventing pain in Americas society. It seems Americans would rather live with reoccurring pain instead of ending it permanently with a more effective method. American people suffer from many pains that have different causes and which effect their bodies in a variety of ways. Judging from the different choices at Wal-Mart it seems that the most prevalent pain in the American society would be headaches. There are so many different types of headache medicines that it leads one to believe they are extremely common among Americans. This phenomenon is easily explained through the fast paced, stress causing lifestyle that the people in America live by since one of the major causes of headaches is stress. Other pains Americans often suffer from are muscle pains, arthritis, allergies and sinuses. Muscle aches and pains and arthritis are caused by a persons body aging and not being able to keep up with the fast paced lifestyle it is used to. As people get older arthritis is more of a factor because that is when a person’s body slows down and the joints tighten up. There is no permanent remedy for muscle aches and arthritis, but there are many temporary options, pain killers being a major one. Allergies and sinus problems are usually together because most Americans suffer from seasonal allergies like ragweed and pollen, which in turn affect your sinuses causing you to be stuffy and congested. Once again there are many pain killers to help prevent these allergy and sinus problems and the pain associated with them. It seems as though whether it is over-the-counter or prescription there is a pain killer for everything.

Whether all pains are real or intense or not, is not the issue, it is more a question of what makes a pain real or intense and why they vary. Not necessarily all pains are real let alone intense to everyone. Each individual is affected differently by certain pains making the same type of pain feel more intense in some than others. Where two people have sprained their ankles, one may have twisted it worse than the other causing it to be more intense for the one person, or they both may have done the exact same thing, but one person cannot handle pain as well as the other. Both pains are real but one is more intense for the weaker of the two. There are also pains that might not be real but exist in ones mind and affect them just like a real pain would. The intensity varies with their mood and feelings and they judge when the pain affects them or not. Even if a pain is real or intense, or mental and weak, it is still going to be impossible to live a life without any pain. A pain-free life in America is virtually impossible to achieve because there are so many types of pain and easy ways to suffer from them. For now the people will have to live with pain and keep taking their pain killers until some medical advance comes about that will eliminate all pain.

American culture is fast paced, fast living, fast food, fast everything. All of the pressures and stresses of this fast paced, competitive life the American people lead will take its toll on their bodies and how they operate; often causing pain and anguish on each individual. The presence of so many different options for treatment of pain and illness, be it emotional or physical, insinuate that many people deal with pain frequently, if not on a daily basis. This large number of painkillers shows how American people would rather just find a quick fix for their problems and get on with their rapid lives instead of finding out what the true source of their pain is. Many of lifes headaches, muscle aches, emotional problems, and day-to-day pains can be prevented if one would just step back and evaluate what is causing the problem and change what is going wrong. Americas outlook on eliminating pain also shows how the American people are always looking for a quick fix or the easy way out instead of working hard to achieve something that would benefit them more later in life. America is worried about here and now, not what will approach them in the future.

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