Monday, June 18, 2012

sports should we be required to play them

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should sports be required in school. recently ive been given a topic fror debate on this and here is what iv e found. IF WHOLE CLASSes were required to play a sport than the people whod dint want to be there would ruin the expierence for the people who did want too be there. the people who didnt want to be there wouldnt care if the team won or loss. if they werent there then there would beonly people who wanted to be there on the team. also many people dont have time to be there and are invoved with other after school curriculums like dance, music , etc.

Some studens=ts wouldnt be good at sports and may be picked on for not being good. ALso there have been 75 injuries reported in sports and 5 deaths . although there is a very big chhance of dying while playing sports it can still happen , if you have an illness with your heart that you my not be aware of.I THINK THAT SPORTS SHOULD BE OPTIONAL LIKE NOW, AND IN THE FUTURE. AS I KNOW THE DEBATE TEAM IM GOING AGAINST WILL SAY HOW IT IS HEALTHY and how blah blah % of kid are obes, but if they really want ed to do something about thhey woulld stop the manafacturers from making fatty foods and there are other ways that one can dget fit , but privately, not with other people. they will also say it will builsd character such as being a good sport, knowing how to lose etc. but u dont need to play a sport for 8 years to learn those lessons. most kids play a sport and learn those lessons and if they dont like them they quit. and find something more better for them, like if theyre short they dont play basketball, or if they dont have hand - eye corranatiopn they dont play baseball, r if they dont ruun good, they dont play a number of sports because theyre are not for them.

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