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The Mat

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My senior year in high school would have to have been one of the best years in my life due to the main fact of wrestling season. Wrestling to me at that time was my life I sweated, breathed, and even bled wrestling.

Form the start of my senior year I spent most of my time getting to know the mat like the back of my hand. I learned how to move about the mat in the way that I will always know where I was I at every second of a match. The wrestling room to me was my temple this was the place where I could go and release most of my thoughts by wrestling around with some of my teammates. I knew that when the day came for the season to start it was going to be the most exciting days of the year. As the days came closer I was still training like a mad man on mission I knew the first day coming and I was going to be in the best shape off my life.

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The whole time I was training I lost track off how many days where lift for the first day of practice and before I know it was the day I was waiting for. As the school day was coming to an end I was getting more and more anxious. Suddenly the bell rang and that was my cue to jet out the door. As I ran down the hall where the locker rooms were I could smell the horrible stench off sweaty kids that had just finished their gym class. But I know that it was going to be worst once we were done with an intense day of practice. As I walked into the locker room you could tell that all the wrestler had brought their freshly washed clothes because, all you could smell for a second was the outdoor fresh scent of the “Bounce” laundry cloths. But then suddenly the sweaty kids smell came drifting back in. When I was done getting dressed I walked towards the wrestling room, at that point I was getting more pumped-up then ever. When I opened the door I look around and tried to take every thing at once but it was so overwhelming that I couldn’t. When I walked in the room the first thing that struck me was the strong smell of the cleaning solution on the mat. It kind of smelled like ammonia with a tad bit of dishwashing detergent put together with some smelly hot dirty water, but it was alright to my as long as I knew the red foamed mat was clean. When all the wrestlers were in the room we began our exercises. As we were stretching out many off the wrestler started cracking jokes on it each other. But they know that in a couple of minutes that it would be an all out brawl. Suddenly the whistle blew and every one got a partner to drill with. And for the next 15 minutes all you heard were loud echoing sounds of bodies getting slammed like thunder in the sky. Now we warmed up, you cloud see the sweat just dripping down from every ones nose.

As practices went on it start to get more intense. This was the best part of wrestling because you could beat up on some one without people getting into a true confrontation. When we started live work the room got silent and people started to get serious. At this time every one knew that it was on and that it is now every man for them self. It was now war, the whistle blew and I went in to a tie up immediately. Then I backed way to set up for a shot. As I circled around him I was tapping his head to get him off track and then suddenly I shot right in with a double leg take down and drove him right into the mat. At this point I was in control of the match and for the rest of the period all we did was roll around on the mat. As the period ended I looked around and saw every one gasping for air like a beach whale that swam on to shore, but me on the other hand I wasn’t even that tired. When the second period began he choose the bottom and we started to wrestle. Once again the whistle blew and the kid that I was wrestling jumped up right away and started to pry my hand away from him. We were doing this for a good forty seconds until he final was able to get away. As he got away he stepped backed for a second and took a shot on me and I reacted with a sprawl and a cross face just to let him know it is going to be that easy to take me down. Even though he didn’t get me down the first time he was very persistent to take me down and final he got me down when the period was running out. As I got up I looked up once again and the wall were covered with water from the heat in the room. This was the worst I ever felt and I could see that every one was feeling the way I felt. When the third period came every one once again was rejuvenated because the wanted to start the first practice with a win. When we started the third period I choose to be on me feet and I knew that I had to take me down. So as we started to wrestle I took him down with a low leg single. And then started to ride him, then as soon he started to get up I shot in my high half and took right to his back and pined him right there.

Overall this practice was the changing point of my career and my life. After that practice I really built a lot of self-confidence and I also learned how to be more discipline.

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