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It’s dark, and you can feel winter’s icy chill nipping at your neck. Your all alone in a foreign place, you have no idea what lies ahead of you. Your only saving grace is your senses, and sometimes you are forced to question those. You know that old familiar feeling, when your stomach becomes a little tighter, and your mind becomes a little weaker. The tiniest noise can become earth shattering. A twig snaps, and immediately you become aware of every function your body is performing. Have you ever been stuck in the woods at night? Your breathing slows down, as does your movement. The mind becomes your worst enemy, always questioning your every move, making the most absurd idea seem real. That feeling comes over you, you can’t quite name it, but you can smell something foul in the air. It’s almost surreal as time slows down you are caught in some kind of dream world, where who knows what is behind you trying at every turn to pounce. That feeling is fear.

What is fear? Fear is a cerebral assassin. Fear is not eating maggots, or jumping off a building while being harnessed. Fear is purely a mental state. The mind is a hotbed of fear; your mind can make you weep, and your mind can make you strong. Fear is that oh so familiar feeling you get when you’re alone. When no one is around to hear you scream. When your mind has a playground, the sky is the limit for fear. Fear can bring the biggest man to his knees. Fear does not lift weights; nor does fear flex its intellectual muscle. The mind it seems has but one purpose to instill fear.

The face of fear is an ugly one. The mall has been closed for an hour, your movie just ended. It was a rather busy night at the mall, so you had to park on the other side away from the theatre. You thought you would get to go through the mall but it’s all closed off. Suddenly you realize what you have to do, walk outside, by yourself. Unknowingly you begin to ask yourself those fear provoking questions. Do I hear someone talking? Is that just the echo of my steps? Is there someone behind me? Each question seemingly gaining momentum until finally your heart begins to race and your pace begins to quicken. You try to calm yourself but it is an impossible task. You hear another sound; there’s a man behind me! Oh god! You’re almost running, in fact you are in a dead sprint, what are you sprinting from? Who knows, but you continue on until finally you reach the comforts of your locked car, then and only then do you look behind you and realize that it was nothing at all…Chalk another one up to fear.

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