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Change is an ongoing process which affects individuals on a personal level. For this reason change results in different outcomes for everyone. Some people may embrace change and find it to be positive, whereas other people may resist change and it may have negative implications for them. These alterations and modifications that occur in our lives affect our perspective towards situations. This change in perspectives can be seen in Peter Skrzynecki’s Immigrant Chronicle’s and can be attributed to life experiences such as migration and war. An altered perspective could also occur due to maturity as Jane Yolen describes in Briar Rose. In Craig Lahiff’s film Black and White it is the media that has the power to change the individuals’ perspectives. It is not only individuals whose perspectives can be manipulated but as Flacco shows in Humans in Their Environment people can attempt to change a whole societies viewpoint. No matter what way change in perspectives is looked at, it is always there and is manipulating the ways in which we look at situations.

The film Black and White is based on a true story of an Aboriginal man, Max Stuart, being convicted of raping and murdering a nine year old white girl in Australia in the 150’s. As was the accepted attitude at the time, the entire town condemned him, however with the influence of the media the communities perspectives began to change and they began to be less discriminatory. Not only is the title Black and White used to symbolise the different skin colours but also the emotions felt by the town.

Anything black is thought to be evil, as Lahiff conveys through his use of language when a white person was told that they have a “black heart”. Once the perspectives of the town have changed he still continues to focus on language by using the clich� “we realise that life isn’t only black and white; there are many shades of grey in between”.

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Skrzynecki also uses colours to display emotions in his poems ‘Crossing the Red Sea’ and ‘Postcard’. ‘Crossing the Red Sea’ is the journey of migrants from Europe to Australia in the 150’s. The migrants see “red banners” which symbolise the sunset and the hope for the future past the horizon. They also discuss “red poppies” which is symbolic of the horrors of war and the martyrdom experienced by fallen soldiers. The “blood-rimmed horizon” is a memory of the past that they will never be able to erase from their minds. This poem shows the processes which are experienced by all individuals in their lives. Processes of loss, change and rejuvenation

‘Postcard’ is a poem about the persona receiving a postcard of modern Warsaw from a friend which resulted in a search for identity. Throughout this poem Skrzynecki also uses repetition of the colour red to display emotions that the persona was feeling. By talking about “red buses” and “red gables” the responder sees how the historical land of Warsaw has changed and modernised. The integration of the colour red also refers to the communistic society that Poland became after World War . The poet discusses how Warsaw “survived in my mind” through stories told by his parents as he “never knew” it. His perspective changed as he thought that through memory he had a deep connection with Poland however he now realises that he was wrong.

Briar Rose also deals with memory and the differences that may exist between history and memory. This story incorporates the horrors of the Holocaust with the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. The structure includes flashbacks to the past, which show how children’s attitudes change with maturity and life experiences. The book is given a magical element as the fairy tale theme is carried through by having a beautiful daughter with two ugly step sisters who sets out on a quest. Memory and time are seen to be powerful tools throughout this novel as “time heals wounds, but it doesn’t erase the scars”. The beautiful daughters’ perspective changes towards her grandma as she compares her memories with the history of the time; this is seen through the flashbacks that Yolen uses.

Individuals aren’t the only people who can have their perspectives changed as Flacco demonstrates in his excerpt from Burnt Offerings. This satirical approach shows how one protestor in “regulation jungle green overalls” attempted to change the viewpoints of an entire society. The perspective of the reader is also questioned in the opening sentence due to Flacco stating his personal opinion of “environmental consciousness being taken a little too far”. The outcome of this change had a negative effect for the protestor as “he was turned into paper pulp and made into a minor article”. This can be seen as a metaphor of change not always being productive, however it also shows that change is inevitable even to those who reject it and try to prevent it. Irony and black humour are techniques that Flacco has used to show the unsuccessful attempt made to change the community’s perspective.

These four texts Immigrant Chronicles, Black and White, Briar Rose and Burnt Offerings all show how individual perspectives change due to significant events in peoples lives. Whether the outcome of the event is positive or negative the persons outlook is altered which in turn creates awakenings

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