Friday, May 4, 2012

Case Analysis #1:

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Objective Remaining the leading online career service provider by achieving continuous growth and profitability

Problem WIth the threat of the rising unemployment rate coupled with the shortages in skilled labour and the retirement of the baby-boomers, how can achieve continouous growth and profitability in both the short and long run?



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• Very loyal customer base

• They have 50% of the online recruitment market share

• High barriers to enter into the market

• Gained a vast amount of recognition for their marketing campaign “when I grow up”

• High brand awareness

• The company offers many different products/services in order to attract a vast array of customers


• There is a possibility that Monster is offering too many products and services. It is clear that they would like to eventually appeal to the entire market but their abundance of products can ultimately confuse their potential clients because they have failed to select a target market

• There is a lack of credibility with in the learning market


• With the retirement of baby boomers, many new jobs will become available therefore the employers will want to seek out recruitment advertisers

• the constant development of new products and services to appeal to different market segments

• they are exploring a number of recruitment segments mainly the hourly job market to allow all candidates to search by geographic location and pay

• the development of a new system that would allow for people without internet access to search for jobs as well

• Have a developed complementary businesses i.e. and in order to compliment Monster’s core career management site

• Expansion into the European job market


• The abundance of niche online recruiters

• The consolidation among the leading online jopb boards � CareerBuilder’s purchase of

Decision Criteria

1. The impact their alternatives will have on their company profits

. The impact their strategy owill have on their competitors

. Their impact on their current customers i.e. eill they be able to keep all their customers or will they have to sacrifice some to obtain more


1. Tap into the hourly job market segment which comprises 66% of the U.S. workforce

a. Impact on company profits this alternative can help raise company profits because this market hasn’t been penetrated by any other online job recruitment agencies

b. Impact on competitors this will allow Monster to gain even more of a competitive advantage

c. Impact on current customers This could have a negative impact on current customers because the hourly job market segment tends to get paid less and large companies may not want to have their name associated with low quality jobs

. Develop a new system that allows people without internet access to create an online profile of themselves for potential suppliers

a. Impact on company profits This new technology would allow for more people to utilize the recruitment agency therefore increasing company profits

b. Impact on competitors This again would allow Monster to gain a stronger competitive edge over their competitors

c. Impact on current customers Current customers could view this new technology as beneficial because they would now have the opportunity to examine new potential employees

. Enter into a new Geographical area, i.e. Asia

a. Impact on company profits This has the potential to achieve outstanding company profits

b. Impact on competitors would gain a stronger competitive advantage over their competitors

c. Impact on current customers Current customers wouldn’t be affected greatly by this decision

Recommendations should develop a new system that allows people without internet access to create an online profile of themselves for potential suppliers. They also should try to expand into a news geographical location (Japan) in order to gain recognition in other parts of the world. Both of these suggestions would ensure continuous growth and profitability in the times ahead.


In the beginning, should try developing the new technology. They have already invested in trying to create this news system and they should follow through with this idea. After this part is done, promotional advertising should be done to create customer awareness. Throughout this operation, Monster should put money into advertising in Japan to create company awareness. Monster should also hire an anthropologist in order to get familiar with Japanese customs and culture. The entire implementation plan should begin as soon as possible.

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