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Assess The Reign of Horemheb (pharaoah of new kingdom egypt)

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Horemheb made great contributions to his period of time these included many political and religious reforms.

Even before he was king, Horemheb was making contributions to egypt. He first served under Akhenaten as great commander of the armyand later under Tutankhamun was appointed kings deputyand royal lieutenantduring the reign of tutankhamun he also conducted some military campaigns in syria where egypt had lost considereable territory to the Hitites, during akhenatens reign, as well as this he was also responsible for foreign affairs in the north. We know about these activities from depictions in his tomb.

Horemheb eventually declared himself king of Egypt in about 11b.c. Egypt was in need of a strong ruler to complete the return of Egypts traditional religion. It appears, during his period as pharaoh, that thefirst attempts were made to wipe the armana period out of egyptian history. He also re-opened and repaired many of the temples of amun, as well as destroying sun temples dedicated to the aten, destroying all symbols of the aten religion and removing the names of the heritic kings from the list of pharaohs. As well as completing all this he is also accredited to the destruction of Akhenatens tomb, Ays tomb and Akhentaens nobles tombs. He restored the priesthood and placed military men who were loyal and could be trusted to take the position of high priests of Amun, as well as restoring Egypts authority in foreign lands as they had lost much respect for egypt during the amarna period. He resumed trading expeditions that had almost ceased. From inscriptions in karnak there is evidence of a possible trading expedition in the land of punt.

He was surely responsible for the destruction of the atens temple at karnakthe evidence for this is on the temples he built at karnak like the great hypostylic hall and added a tall pylon number which he built from the stones from akhenatens temples to the aten. In doing this he fulfilled goals 1. destroyed the hated temple of aten and . built the pylon to the glory of amun.

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Horemheb rebuilt law and order and implemented law courts in all the major cities. His harsh penalties for corruption can be seen on the north face of the 10th pylon at karnak. These documents became known as the great edict of horemheb, they were not a code of law but a series of police regulations directed against specific malpractices.

His unfinished tomb gave considerable clues to the techniques used by the early artists the reliefs on the walls show the different stages of completion.

Horemhebs military campaigns were quite small. He divided the army into two under two commanders, one for the north and one for the south. Some of his actions were simply follow up actions initiated by predecessors, others were to regain territory. Reliefs on the north side of the 10th pylon show evidence of a syrian campaign, and another has Hitite texts refurring to a possible treaty that may have been in effect during Horemhebs reign.

Horemhebs main contributions were completing the return of Egypts traditional religion and wiping the amarna period out of egyptian history. Many of Horemhebs successors in the 1th dynasty including Ramesis 1 and seti 1 considered him to be the founder of their line.

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