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As the Sun lifts itself above the horizon and the beams of light penetrate through the creviced misty clouds, I rise from my deep mysterious slumber. I wake up to the soft sound of dripping water trickling down a leaf into a small puddle, and the soft singing of birds. It is my most favourite part of the day, the singing of birds and to be able to look at the beauty of the vast expanse of my home calms my soul.

I climb down my soft bed of virescent leaves and start my day by hauling my stalwart leathery feet to the riverbank. This is where I start every day of my life, I leap into the great plunge pool that nature’s waterfall has created for me. The freezing cold water refreshes me and speeds up the slow process of waking up. While doing this I cogitate about what the day could hold for me but most importantly, food!

As I draw myself out of the icy pool of water I stretch my robust arms and breathe in the tepid tranquillising air. I saunter back to the site and carefully pick up the long spear I had hidden under the large banana leaves. My spear is the most important and precious possession to me, in-fact it’s my only possession. Without it, I would not be able to cope with this struggle I call life.

Now that I am revitalised and properly awake I move on to the most wearisome part of the day. I must travel six hundred thousand steps towards the rising sun to a place I call the Lake of Death. It is this lake that allows for my very survival to continue. I have become ever dependent on the Lake as it provides me with food. Food is not easily retrieved though. I move into the long grass and lie on my thin grumbling belly with my spear close to my side. I now wait for the helpless creature upon which I will bestow my uncompassionate hunger on, to appease its thirst from the lake. That will be the time to strike, but for now I wait. Only very occasionally a decent sized creature would fall into my most cunning trap since the lake is so big, realising this makes me impatient. The sun is now at its highest point. Its heat torments me, with the lake only being a small distance away and my throat as dry as a bone I long for a small sip of its reviving water. Alas, I fear leaving my post to quench my thirst. I have been waiting for some sort of creature for so long, to get up and risk what I came to the lake for would only be foolish.

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The Sun starts to lower itself from its high throne in the sky and the air begins to cool and dampen. The wind picks up its slow gentle breeze and as I convince myself that my journey to the lake has been in vain I hear a soft muffled sound of dead leaves bending. My heart stops. My eyes widen and my hearing suddenly feels as if it became acute. “Where did the sound come from? Where? ” I wait and not too long after, I hear the same sound, slightly louder in my left ear. I slowly turn my head but cannot really see anything through the tall tree-like blades of grass. “Could this finally be what I came for?” The sounds slowly became more frequent until they stop dead in front of me. I know that now is my chance, I slowly lift my head above the grass and I am amazed at my luck. Before me are two fully-grown gazelles, both with their back turned to me drinking from the lake. They are the finest specimens of gazelles I have ever seen. Their soft brown fur glistens of the light reflected from the water with great magnificence. As one gazelle drinks from the lake the other gazelle stands up tall and proud waiting for it. It is as if it is waiting for the first gazelle to finish, as if it is trying to be polite. It doesn’t matter though, only one is going to leave the lake alive. I slowly shuffle onto my feet, hold the spear in my right hand fully stretched behind me and stealthily move closer to my two unaware victims. I stop thirty steps behind them and wait one last time. The gazelles abruptly stop drinking and pull their majestic heads up from the water. They suspect something! Their ears were moving from side to side as are their heads. “I have wasted enough time” were my thoughts so without hesitation I throw my spear with all the strength I have. While doing so I trip and fall. After hitting the ground I look back at the spear and then gradually walk to it. I stand over it and then pull it out of one of the gazelle’s neck. Blood runs into the lake which make it turn into a cold bloody red. I do not know whether to be proud for being triumphant or to feel disgraceful for killing such a beautiful creature. I do not want to think about it so I pick it up, throw it over my shoulder, take a quick drink from another part of the lake and start my walk home. I hold both of its back feet in one hand and my spear in the other and start my walk back home.

As I walk back to my site my mind ties itself up only with the reprehensible thoughts of the unfortunate creature which now lays lifeless on my shoulder. I rub the cold sweat off my nose. I cannot help myself to do anything except recall how the defenceless creature looked like while it was still alive and compare it to how it looks like now. Small droplets of moisture from my skin now ran down the side of my soiled head, I try to ignore them. I have never felt sympathy for any creature I ever needed for my own survival so why is it different this time? I now realise that my back is now completely soaked, “What’s going on? Why am I so wet?” I stop walking and look up at the sky. All thoughts of the gazelle slowly evanesce from my mind, I am in trouble!

Dark thick clouds fill the night sky almost like a thick blanket. The reason why I feel wet is because a storm is brewing. It is only a soft shower now but I am familiar with the perilous clouds I see before me. I must hurry back to the site for shelter. I stop myself again. “Where am I?” I don’t understand! How can this happen to me? I have strayed from my usual route. I swing my head back and forth but I cannot see anything further than one hundred steps away because of the darkness. I throw my gazelle onto the muddy floor and grip my spear out in front of me, “Get a hold of yourself Alessandro! You have to find out where you are!” I sit down by the gazelle and think about how I am going to get myself out of this mess. “Think Alessandro think! How are you going to do this?” I shut my eyes, “THINK!” In the darkness of my mind a picture of a beach slowly emerges. I keep my eyes firmly shut, “Why am I thinking of a beach at a time like this?” My mind focuses on the soft sound of the waves rippling as they start to come at the beach which then slowly become the composition of the swishing sound made only by the waves toppling over each other. I slowly open my eyes and realise that the sound is still there. I must be near the sea! I thrust my spear into the body of the gazelle while I get up and throw my cold drenched dinner back over my shoulder. While doing this I finally grasp why I was not aware of the sound of the sea earlier on, it was simply because I was so caught up in feeling sorry for the dumb animal that I allowed my feelings to lead my mind astray.

My sprint for shelter begins as soon as the gazelle is comfortably over my shoulder. There is only one place I know of which one can hear the ocean from so close to the lake. I know of a cave I had stumbled across once before. It is closer to me than my site, that’s where I am going. I stop frequently when I come across a small twig or log; I need something to make a fire with when I get to the cave. It is now raining so heavily that I can only see about thirty steps in front of me, I’m not very familiar with the path I am taking, I can only hope that I have not already passed the cave.

My enervated legs persist in running even though it seems as if they carry a body which weighs a ton at least. I grow wearisome of running and running into the darkness; not knowing whether the path I take will eventually save me from this storm, or lead me to my demise. I cannot help but to think that there might be another solution to the problem I’m in, or that I might have made a mistake! Maybe I wasn’t where I thought I was and I’m just running into oblivion. Nevertheless; it’s too late now as the storm is almost in its final and most calamitous stage. My legs being worn out and quivering with a traumatic pain; finally give away and I fall to the floor. “I cannot go any further”. While gasping for air and my heart pumping away I notice that I am not under the storm anymore. I put my hands on the floor and push myself up as far as I can go so that I may look up at the sky. “Nothing, it is pitch black! What’s this? The floor is dry, how can this be? Do my senses deceive me?” I cannot see the storm or feel the dampness from the rain on the floor but still I hear the rains incursion to the ground. My heart fills with hope as I turn around and see the odious storm up in the night sky. As I drop all the twigs and the gazelle onto the floor, I look back in front of me; up at what I thought was the clear night sky. Still panting I exert myself back onto my feet and as I do so I look back up at the black space which is above me and touch it. A smile grows on my face as I fall back onto the floor and start laughing. “I can’t believe it! I finally made it!” I sit up against the rocky wall and sigh with relief. “I cannot rest just now though, I must get a fire started” is what is running through my mind. I get on my knees and reach for the first craggy piece of wood. As I pick it up from the sooty floor cold water runs from it onto my hands. I look at the second piece and then at the third. The whole pile of wood which I had collected is drenched in water from the storm. A flame of frustration erupted within me. I took the pile of wood and threw them as far as I could into the cave. “I have no warmth and no fire to cook with”. I stare at the gazelle, “I never knew that so much trouble could ever be caused from such a creature”. I do not think of it as being the beautiful creature I once felt commiseration for. Now it is more of a burden than anything else. No matter. I will wait till dawn for the twigs to dry so that I may feast in the morning.

I decide to take the gazelle back outside into the storm and cover it with mud so that it will not attract flies or rats. This is not easy to do now as I am already exhausted from the journey and the wind was stronger than ever before. I throw the gazelle back into the cave and then drag myself in the same direction. I sit up against the wall and decide to watch the rain drops fall in front of me while I dry off. I can’t really see much of the storm though since it is so dark but the sound it makes is beyond believable. The wind is so strong that it doesn’t just howl and blow. It is more of a screeching sound, almost as if the wind is in pain and screaming. It is a petrifying sound. A bolt of lightning strikes the water. With this the whole area lights up in an astonishing white light. In this second of visibility I see something I do not want to see. The sea in the far distance has waves the size of trees. In front of it is a beach of black dirty sand that almost looks like mud. In front of that are the trees, completely bent over by the wind, some have even been ripped out only leaving a huge hole or stump! Then the light disappears as quickly as it appeared. I do not know where I am. I do not recognise this place at all. I am not in the cave I thought I was in. My hope faded with the light so I decide that this is enough for one day. I should just go to sleep. I writhe myself into a small corner of the cave and close my eyes. The lightning strikes again, I know this because the thunder follows and the very ground shakes tremendously. There isn’t a single creature to be heard. I feel alone, so very alone.

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