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Staffing Plan and Recruitment strategies

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As a current graduate of the University of Phoenix we have been given the responsibility to create a Human Resource department. Our role as HR director for SMC Company, which manufactures ergonomic office equipment, is to boost staffing by 100% due to the increased demand. The owner is committed to keeping the organization local. SMC is located in a small midwestern town of 0,000 people with a current unemployment rate of .%. All of the current employees in manufacturing, customer service and operations have a minimum of a high school education or GED. The local labor market population is approximately 40% minority. Skills training is provide by the company.

This paper will describe a staffing plan for the SMC Company in which it will be determined how many people will be hired and in what function areas (manufacturing, operations, customer service, distribution, marketing, finance /accounting). We will demonstrate a strategy to recruit the appropriate applicants.

Internal Sources of Candidates

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As SMC grows, we can all agree that the development of internal employees is good for any company. Promoting internal growth generates enthusiasm and productivity among the internal talent and provides opportunities in cases where employees might otherwise leave the company. Another advantage is having already been with the company for some time, inside candidates may be more committed to company goals and less likely to leave. Our goal as staffing professionals should be to keep the great contributors within the company, even if its not in the same job. The only way to really encourage this is to motivate employees to perform their best, and to show them a clear path for their development wherever it may be within the company. We will provide such a path or at least a vision for one especially if that employee is good at what they do. Lastly, it may be safer to promote employees from within, since we are likely to have a more accurate assessment of the person’s skills than we would otherwise.

Currently, we have 65 people in manufacturing, 5 in Customer Service, 10 in Operations and 10 in Sales and Marketing. Since all divisions will need to increase staffing we need to know if internal candidates can be more successful then external candidates, we should get the processes and tools in order such as workforce planning, goals, metrics, and policies. Right now is a great time to understand the talent that contributes to the current organization. An integral part of workforce planning entails the development of the internal talent. We need to ask ourselves

· What skills or work experience do we need in the future?

· How many current employees already have those skills and/or the desire to learn them?

· How will moving an employee from one position to another support our overall workforce plan? (Sullivan, J.)

Improving the knowledge, skills and attitude of our employees will increases the ability of our organization to remove the glass ceiling that very often affects women and minorities. Improving the skills and knowledge of those traditionally excluded in the labor market means we have real access to an under utilized pool of talent. (Sullivan, J.)

Employee Referral Program

Theres no more powerful recruiting pitch than that offered by a current employee to a prospective employee. Thats why our company should get creative about exploiting employee referrals. Paying a couple of thousand bucks is a small price to find the right candidate for a key job especially in todays tight labor market. To successfully recruit new workers through employee referrals, however, we must be creative, and communicate our companys recruiting needs to our employees. We will have to be willing to invest whatever it takes to turn all of our employees into recruitment field representative for our company. An employee referral program has to be constantly promoted, or it will be forgotten if it’s not talked about a lot. (Dash, J.00) We can insert a flyer in the company’s paycheck containing the form that employees need to fill out to receive credit for referring a new hire. We can spread out the payment over time or provide a lump sum up front, followed by an additional amount if the new hire stays for a certain length of time. We need to make it simple for the employees to get information about how to refer friends and reap the rewards.

Eighty percent of human resources professionals responding to a new survey say that employee-referral programs are a more cost-effective recruitment tool than job-search firms. Further, 70 percent of the 586 HR professionals responding to the survey say referral plans are the most cost-effective way to recruit employees. (Dash, J. 00)

External Sources of Candidates

The owner of SMC is committed to keeping the organization local. We need to aggressively recruit and advertise for outside talent, which has the additional benefit of sending the market the message that the company is growing. This can help further build the brand and ultimately increase visibility.

There are many advantages to recruiting and advertising talent externally. The new ideas that applicants and new hires bring in stimulate the thinking of others. New hires ask, why we do things that way so we are often forced to re-think the way we do things. It keeps our employees on the edge because they know they must compete against outsiders for jobs. In most cases external hiring adds more to the diversity of the workforce than internal hiring.

Due to the low unemployment rate of .%, we need to focus on spreading the word that SMC is rapidly growing and in need of increasing its staff by 100%. A significant method to impact the job market is to produce a dynamic spread in the local newspapers drawing attention to a job fair. The newspaper ad size is flexible and circulation is concentrated in specific geographic areas. (Dessler, G. 000) The job fair would be hosted in the evenings allowing candidates that are currently employed the opportunity to attend. A large red banner can also be placed on the building promoting walk-ins. Flyers and poster can be posted at the unemployment office, the local library and community centers and post office. These methods can help further build the brand and ultimately increase visibility.

Recruiting on the Internet

Internet advertising is easy, economical and would work effectively for our company with demanding hiring needs. Employers who have conducted Internet recruitments report distinct advantages over the traditional methods used to search for new employees. (

There are several advantages to using this type of medium. An Internet job ad is immediately accessible. Changes to the Internet job ad can be done immediately. We would have access to the Internet job ad 4 hours a day, 65 days a year. In addition, we would have access to millions of resumes that have been posted, and we can use the computer to sort out those that do not meet the criteria. Small companies with limited recruiting budgets can now compete with large companies in the search for the best job candidates. Lastly, we can link to our company website from the Internet job ad and encourage the viewer to take a closer look at what we have to offer. This method would be ideal in hiring candidates outside of the geographical area.



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