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The Slave

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The first passage that makes clear what Douglass is trying to say in this novel is, “for in losing my star, I lost my way” (Page 6). Madison used the North Star as his guide to freedom. Every time Madison lost his focus, he found himself in trouble. When Madison focuses on his “star” it leads him to freedom. Douglass is trying to say that our freedom is everything and when we are not in control we will lose our way.

1b. The second passage that makes clear what Douglass is trying to say in this novel is, “Mr. Williams speaks of ‘ignorant negroes, ’ and as a general rule, they are ignorant; but had he been on board the Creole as I was, he would have seen cause to admit that there are exceptions to this general rule.” (Page 65). I feel that Douglass is saying that you should not judge a man or woman by their color. Madison was smart and was able to accomplish many things because of who he was not because of skin color.

. The picture of imagery that I see is “By this time the apprehended squall had burst upon us”. (Page 67) The description of the storm is very much like the story of Madison Washington. The raging sea, the flashes of lightning which is the only time he can see and the crying woman who reminds him of his wife being shot effectively illustrates the imagery of Madison’s life that was rough but he made it though the storm to find peace.

. Listwell is a good man with a good heart. Listwell is part of a time and place where people are closed-minded and have no respect for people who seam different. Listwell is different because he is able to see the good in people, and wants to do good for people such as providing shelter for Madison, and keeping a good attitude with the loafer. Mr. Listwell is in the right place at the right time he is a part of Madison’s life not even though Madison does not even know him even, to the time where Listwell calls Madison a true friend. The whole time Listwell wants nothing but the best for Madison, and Listwell does what ever it takes to see that happen. Listwell is a brave man because if he had been caught giving those three files to Madison he could have had his title in society taken from him or even have been killed. “for the laws of Ohio were very straight against any one who should aid, or who were found aiding a slave to escape through that State. A citizen, for the simple act of taking a fugitive slave in his carriage, had just been stripped of all his property”

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Listwell was a man who did not understand why people wanted slaves. In his world he saw shades of grey where was no one more superior because of race. Listwell saw people as God made equals. He was a man who knew what was good and what was wrong in a world that was harsh.

4. “The Heroic Slave” could be considered a good American novel because of the solid characters, the believable plot, and a setting with which a reader can identify. In the next few paragraphs I will prove these points.

“The Heroic Slave” has solid characters with Madison Washington the hero of the story as a man that one wants to like. Madison is the protagonist in the story and one always ways want the best from him. Madison has the ability to reach your senses, which makes him, a great character. The other solid point is Mr. Listwell who is another protagonist in the story. Many times you find yourself hoping that Mr. Listwell can do more for Madison. Mr. Listwell gives great support to the main the character Madison.

The antagonist is the fact that Madison is a slave. It is that one thing that Madison has to fight though out the book. It is that one thing that makes this a great book of a man fighting against himself because of who he is.

The plot and setting of this book is what sells the book for me. The setting is in a time where this country is at a low point because we are at war with ourselves. It is a time that many people like to study and a time that changed our country for the better. The plot is very easy to follow it starts with Madison wanting to be free. Throughout the book we see the struggles that our hero goes though. We see the pain and the suffering, but we also see the joy. It ends with our hero fighting for his freedom and receiving it.

In conclusion I feel that the Heroic Slave is a good example of an early American novel because of the characters that one wants to believe in, This novel also contains, a plot that flows from beginning to end, and a setting that many people would like to read about to know what happens to Madison.

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