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Everyone sides with the less fortunate. Is Cinderella a tale of the underdog overcoming insurmountable obstacles? The heroine improves her station in life, gaining respect and triumphing. The heroine is portrayed passively and does not resemble the classic underdog who meets with success despite overwhelming adversity. A lady was expected to remain reticent unless spoken to. This tale instills morals of female discouragement in order to receive happiness and in doing so doesn’t follow the classic underdog qualities. The Turtle and the Hare or David and Goliath represent the tale of the classic underdog. Cinderella exhibits some of the social negativity placed on women particularly associated within the realm of Romanticism and this in turn positions Disassemble all of the pre-formative thoughts you recall when you think of Cinderella the fairy godmother, the pumpkin coach, the glass slipper, the ugly stepsisters, the dead father… forget all of it. The Disney version of Cinderella is far indifferent from the original Grimms’ version in everything but the most essential components of the story. That is, Cinderella is still an oppressed little house-girl, forced into servitude, who, in spite of it all, gets the prince in the end.

Of course, this tale is intended to provide a moral lesson of sorts for children, encouraging them to be good, faithful, love their mothers, and do as they’re told, but it is no small wonder that the original has been lost to all but the caverns of literature anthologies. To make matters clear, it should be firmly established that the Grimms’, obviously searched Germany for various folk stories, from which arrived their collection of fairy tales. Oddly enough is the fact that those very tales, supposedly so good at instilling values in children, are rather violent.

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