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Nigrtia's Weather

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Nigerias Weather

Nigeria is one of the largest countries in Africa. It is on the western coast of Africa and is bounded on the west by the Republic of Benin, on the north by the Republic of Niger and on the east by the Republic of Cameroon. The Atlantic Ocean lies to its south. Nigeria is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), 1 noon is 1.00p.m in Nigeria. It is a land of lust vegetation and rolling velds. Its climate varies from tropic of at the coast of Sub-tropical further inland. It has a high temperature, which increases as one moves from the South to the North.

Nigeria is within the Tropic of Cancer, so there are two well-marked seasons - the dry season lasting from November to March and the rainy season from April to October. Temperatures at the coast seldom rise above oC, but humidity can be as high as 5oC. Further north, the climate is drier with the temperature ranging from 1oC to 6oC. The country covers a total geographical area of ,768 square kilometers.

Brief Facts About Nigeria

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Nigeria has thirty-six States and the Federal Capital is Abuja. There is about ,768.64 Sq.Km with an estimated population of 10 million people. Their Principle Rivers are Niger and Benue. Their National Day is October 1st and their Remembrance Day is January 15. Their Currency is Naira. Their time is GMT= 1hour. The Legal Law Tax System is British Oriented. Their Official Language is English and the Major Language are Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. Their Main Religions are Islam, Christianity, and Traditional. Their Major Export Earner is Crude Oil, and the Major Agriculture Products are Cocoa, Groundnut, Palm Produce, and Rubber.

Nigeria’s National Flag

The Nigerian National flag is governed by the Flags and Coat of Arms Ordinance 160 which was enacted by the Legislature of the Federation of Nigeria and assented to 16th September, 160, by Sir James Wilson Robertson, GCVC, KBE, the then Governor General and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. The Ordinance became operational on October 1, 160, the day Nigeria became independent.

The Nigerian National Flag is divided vertically into three equal parts. The central part is white and the two other parts are green. The green of the flag represents agriculture and the white, unity and peace. The white is immaculate and green is now called National Green.


q Under British Standard No. B.F 660 it is chart 0-0-10

q Under British Colour Council, it is classified as C.C

q Under ULCA National colour council, it is classified as 17 colour emerald green


Nigeria is governed by a democratically elected President based on an American style. Presidential system of democracy made up of the Executive, headed by the President, the legislature, headed by the Senate President and the Judiciary, headed by the Chief of Justice of Nigeria.

A system of bi-cameral legislature made up of the House of Representatives (lower chamber) and the Senate (upper chamber) operates at the centre with the thirty-six component states operating a uni-cameral system.

The historical evolution of the government commenced with Nigerias adoption, for obvious reasons, of the British style of Parliamentary democracy at Independence in 160, which was operated until 166 when the Military intervened and sacked the government of the day. This interregnum lasted until 17 when the newly elected civilian administration was sworn in October of that year. The military intervened again in 18 and ruled until 1 when the present government of Chief Olesugun Obasanjo was ushered in.

Nigeria’s Heritage Art

Nigerias artistic contribution to worlds civilization dates back to about 000 years ago. Terra Cotta heads and figurines were made in wide areas covering the present areas of southern Kaduna State, Nassarawa and Katsina Ala. The civilization which produced these Terra Cotta figurines is known as the Nok culture. Perharps the most natural and beautiful Terra Cotta heads and figurines were those found in Ile-Ife. From Terra Cotta the artists in Ile-Ife and neighbouring Benin as well as Igbo Ukwu progressed to bronze casting. The technique employed was the cire-perdue or lost wax, a process common in ancient Greece. Although this technique showed a high level of artistic achievement, it is the traditional wood carving found in many parts of Nigeria that has brought a lot of appreciation of Nigerian art

The ancient ivories of the Yoruba and the Edo are among the most beautiful works of Nigerian art. The Igbo have many different kinds of masks. Their carvings are among the most inspired. The best of their works are to be seen in the slender carvings of people which were carried on the head in the Ngwa-Bende area. Seen as a whole, the wood, Terra cotta and bronze carvings in Nigeria in spite of their many individual differences are evidence of the fundamental cultural unity of the country.

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