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My First Trial

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In everyone’s life there is a first test when people have to challenge themselves. Some people become stronger after that. Some people break down. Such trail in my life was a competition in figure skating when I was seven years old. It was very important for me to reach the success in that competition for some reason. First of all, I had already been skating for two years. I got good results and my coach said I was a gifted child. Also I could not let my mom down. She had to spend a lot of time and energy on my studies. She always said I was the best girl in the world. In addition winning the competition gave me a new opportunity to advance in my sport career. Thus my goal was to be one of the top five skaters . There were some obstacles that made reaching this goal difficult. I was weak and lacking experience. I took several steps to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

First of all I needed to improve my physical condition. To realize that in addition to twice-a- week coaching, I did exercises every day. I went skating and swimming. By the time of the competition I could squat fifty times on each leg, run two miles, and swim without rest about half a mile. So I was in a very good physical condition.

The second step I took to reach success was to learn from other sportsmen. I liked to watch the World Championship in figure skating, which took place that time in Europe. Famous skaters were my models. I tried to catch every small detail in their performances. My mom read me books about champions’ lives. I wanted to know what helped them become the first in the world. To learn more, I visited classes for older girls more experienced in skating.

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In addition to learn from others I attended dance class twice a week. The figure skating is not only a sport exercises, but also a combination of music, dance, and physical skills. Dancing was the best part of the training. I studded of ballet techniques. The beautiful classroom with great mirrors on every wall was beckoning me to dance. I was so excited. I felt the tingle every time when I came at class. Dance class helped me to develop the coordination ability and sense of a rhythm. And I still dance.

In spite of all my efforts I, of course, could not win without other people’s help. I was only a small girl. My coach, who provided positive reinforcement for the good aspects of skilled performance as opposed to concentrating on error correction, helped me to improve my performance. She paid me special attention, giving useful advices and working over time with me. But the main helper was my mom. She drove me twice a week after her work to my skating school, which was situated at the other end of the town. She made me a beautiful folk costume. Together we created musical composition of famous Russian folk music and composed the dance. My Mother supported me in all my efforts. I have always known whether I win or lose she loves me unconditionally. She has given me just as much praise for loss as for win. She taught me that success means achieving a personal goals rather than winning a contest. She has been my best friend, adviser and tutor. I am thankful to her for that.

Doing my best, I was able to reach my goal. Even after all work I did not expect you win. But I did. I got the gold medal. As a result I was allowed to join the adult team where I was the youngest girl. That was not the only thing that made me happy. I was able to overcome all the obstacles that I faced. I worked really hard and reached success. It changed my mind. After that experience I understood I could respect myself. This trial made me more self-confident and stronger. I did not become a professional skater but I learned to work. Now I know I need to do my best or do nothing.

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