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Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci, whose versatility was second to none, is considered to be the premier Renaissance man. He was at once a renowned painter, an accomplished sculptor, a successful architect, a brilliant mathematician, a philosopher, an anatomist, a botanist, a geologist, and an engineer who drew designs of airplanes and helicopters and built working air conditioners for his friends.

Leonardo did not view himself as better than anyone else, but he did view some of his ideas to be better than others or than that of modern day. In a letter Leonardo wrote to Duke Ludovico Il Moro of Milan applying for a job, he explained that his work was no better than anyone else’s, but he could make weapons that were “very beautiful and useful shapes, quite different from those in common use”. Leonardo kept a notebook comprised of more than 5,000 pages of his individual ideas and views. He filled it with sketches and with speculations about practically everything under the sun, including projects for submarines, military tanks and airplanes, animals (especially horses), and men and women.

Leonardo had received little formal education, but by the time he entered Verrocchios studio he was already acquainted with Toscanelli, the famous Florentine scientist and presumed correspondent of Columbus. Leonardo also attended the lectures of the Greek exile, Argyropoulos, who introduced him to the humanistic texts and especially to the Greek philosophic and scientific traditions. Clearly, even if we were to attempt to explain Leonardos fortunate escape from a university education, the importance of both his humanist and scholastic learning cannot be denied.

Leonardo expressed his secularism in almost every sketch or idea he had. Leonardo mainly depicted his secularism through paintings and sculptures like most other artists during the Renaissance. The most famous secularist painting Leonardo created is the world famous Mona Lisa. This painting shows lots by the way she smiles, and her eyes. If the smile wasn’t controversial enough, it is even rumored that Mona Lisa is actually Leonardo as a woman. If it is true, Leonardo supported his belief of “in every man there is a woman” extremely well.

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