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Jump on board respond to the cry

You’’re no longer under parental eye

Where words of love couch a desire to control

They want you to conform they want you to enroll

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In their neat little world where they’’re all made of plastic

Isn’’t it delightful isn’’t it fantastic

The train’’s just pulled in I’’ve saved you a seat

This is one journey you’’ll have to repeat

With me it’’s first class all the way

Enjoy the free ride for next time you pay

Follow the tracks and enjoy the view

Listen to the rhythm as it overwhelms you

Your life up to now has been neat little pictures

A photograph album of permanent fixtures

But as the train gathers speed ignoring the signals

Satanic choirs begin singing from damnation’’s hymnals

The next snap in your album is totally surreal

A will that is broken and impossible to heal

Your id is unlocked from its sub-conscience cell

The picture it’’s painting is a landscape of hell

Where Salvador’’s images grow legs and walk

They scream in your ears as your spirit they stalk

You’’re trapped in a train on a one-way track

You’’re bound for the reaper and there’’s no turning back

You squirm and you tremble and cry out in pain

But you’’ll never get back to normality again

With a promise of pleasure I’’ve hooked into your soul

Your name has been written on addiction’’s dark scroll

As we rush into a tunnel with no light at the end

You’’ve no need to worry as I’’m your best friend

And to prove it I’’ll give you that one final hit

The one that will send you right into the pit

Your family and friends will grieve now you’’re gone

They’’ll fondly remember how once your light shone

Passing over the fact that you died hopelessly lost

Living for the moment and never counting the cost

When will these fools realise the truth of it all

I’’ll keep em’’ distracted I’’ll give em’’ a ball

I’’ll blind their eyes to the One who can save

I’’ll keep em’’ amused with rock music and rave

They’’ll never think of the Bible as true

They’’ll laugh at the words He died for you

Now who will be next to take a ride with me?

It’’ll cost you nothing the first time it’’s free……

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