Friday, April 13, 2012


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jews are very stupid they are religous freaks they dont even believe in god youve been patiently waiting to make it through all da hatin debating whether or not u can even weather the storm as u lay on the table they opertating to save u it is like an angel came to u sent from the heavens above they think they crazy but they aint crazy lets face da shit basically they just playin sick they aint shit they aint saying shit spray em fifty a to da k and da way i bring dre and them wit me and turn this day into fucking mayhem u staying wit me dont let me lose u im not trying to confuse u before i let loose wit dis uzi and just shot through your izuzu u get da message am i getting through to u u know whats coming u motherfuckers dont even know do u u take some big and some pac u mix em up in a pot sprinkle a little big l on top what da fuck do u got

u got da realest and illest killest tied up in knot the juggernauts of the rap shit its like a fight to the top just to see who die for da spot u put your life in dis nothing like surviving the shot u know what time it is as soon as fifty signs on da dot shit what u know about death threats cause i get a lot shady records whas eighty seconds away from the towers them cowards fucked wit da wrong bilding they meant to hit ours better evacuate all children its nuclear showers theres nothing spookier your now about to witness the power of fucking fifty

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