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Independence and the Inward I

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“Independence and the Inward I” is an essay recollecting Rodinone’s life changing transition. From being on the streets, doing nothing with his life, to college learning the value of education. It takes a life frightening experience for him to realize that he was going in the wrong direction.

As a youth Peter believed that hanging out with friends, drinking alcohol and taking drugs, was a reasonable way to life his life. Enough though he was a reasonable intelligent individual he would not take high school seriously; only doing work when pressured by his teachers. A mixture of his peers and family kept reinforcing Peter that education was not for people from the lower classes. His parent’s traditional views are demonstrated by Peter’s parent’s reaction when he tells them that he has decided to attend college. They ask him why he would not get a job and that the only thing that he would amount to, if going to college, well be a retail associate.

There was a part in the story where Peter falls down the stairs. He had just came back from a night out with his friends drinking. His brother pushed him and Peter ended up falling down the stairs. He almost died and after this he concluded that he needed to get his life together. He went to see his advisor and he told peter that he should go to college. Peter followed this advice and applied for college.

After Peter being away to college and away from his friends he could finally put his life together. It wasn’t easy for him to keep up with all his classes since he never did well back in high school. He always kept working hard at everything he did and every single one of his classes until he understood all the material. One example was on page 57 when Peter is talking to one of his professors and he said that he was only going to pass him because he had a nice smile. Also how he would write papers that would take him weeks and the professors would tell him to start all over again. As you can see it was not easy for Peter but he never gave up. It was very smart for Peter to decide to get his life together and show his parents that college was the best thing for him and that it was not only for those who were rich.

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It did take Peter a very frightening experience to get his act together. He shouldn’t have waited for the incident of the stairs to happen, but after all he did learn his lesson.


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