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homosexuals should not be able to adopt

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In today’s society, gay and lesbian parenting is a very controversial issue. Many believe that children of gay and lesbian parents do not grow up the same as children of heterosexual parents. A typical family is defined as having a father and mother figure. Children need a balance in their lives and same sex parents can not provide that balance efficiently. Children of gay and lesbian parents face disturbing difficulties throughout their lives. This may then affect the child psychologicall ...

A careful examination of these claims [that there is no difference between homosexual and heterosexual parents,] by US researchers Paul and Kirk Cameron, published in the Journal of Psychology, exposed them all as misrepresentations. None of the APA claims was supported by the studies on which they were supposedly based. The Camerons comment that numerous differences between the children of homosexuals and heterosexuals ... were documented in the articles cited by the APA. The APA has been unable to refute this damning assessment.

When the American Psychological Association (APA) investigated Cameron, it found that he not only misrepresented the work of others but also used unsound methods in his own studies. For this ethical breach, the APA expelled Cameron in December 18. (Although Cameron claims he resigned, APA bylaws prohibit members from resigning while under investigation.)

Contrary to the APA claim, homosexual parents are more likely to produce homosexual children. Research by Dr J Bailey and colleagues found in 15 that the children of homosexual parents are about three times more likely to become homosexual.

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Hmm, this I doubt. Far more likely is that they produce children who are comfortable enough with issues of sexual orientation to be out. Pity the survey fails to make this distinction.

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