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How would young hearts feel under trenches, when bullets are flying over their heads? It¡¯ll give painful heartaches to the soldiers, just to watch their friends fall like stones in the no men¡¯s land. It is extremely breathtaking and unpleasant to be in those kinds of places. There are many films that are based on wars but one of the most classic and brilliant war films is ¡°Gallipoli¡±. This movie vividly presents the atmosphere of a war field at Dardanelles and helps people to understand how soldiers felt during the Gallipoli war. From this movie, audiences can understand what it would like to be a solider in a war.

The movie ¡°Gallipoli¡± presented a life of an Australian soldier, Archy, who is going into a war field. Before joining the war, Archy was an athletic runner who had a broad and bright future. Unfortunately, he gets inspired by the war that was going on in Turkey and decides to join the army with his friend, Jack. When they got in to the Gallipoli, they realized that they made a wrong decision. Many people were killed and others were disheartened because of the lost their friends. Every day in the war field, soldiers ran into difficulties. The Commanders unwillingly ordered soldiers to do impossible missions, such as going over the trenches without proper equipments. In the movie, Jack was the messenger, who was responsible for transferring orders from the generals to the commanders. When jack was late for delivering a retreatment order, his best friend, Archy and others were commanded to go over trenches. Eventually, they get killed in the no man¡¯s land.

The war wasn¡¯t what soldiers had thought it of. Gallipoli was full of people suffering and dying. Many were killed and others lost their bothers and friends. The battle of Gallipoli was a complete catastrophe, causing thousands of casualties and deaths. The war was a burning hell for the innocent souls. From this movie audiences can get further knowledge of what the war was like and how soldiers felt during the war.

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