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General Reflective Statement

Competency Curriculum and Planning

Artifact # Unit lesson Plan Tab -

“The teacher recognizes the importance of long-range planning and curriculum development and develops, implements, and evaluates curriculum based upon students, district, and state performance standards.”

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In an effective classroom setting a teacher must use extensive planning and preparation in order to meet the needs of her students. While meeting the needs of the students a teacher must also meet the standards set forth by the district, and the state. In order to meet these standards a teacher must have long and short- range planning and curriculum development. It is through these goals that a teacher can control the atmosphere in their class to receive the desired outcome. It is just as important for a teacher to include activities in these lessons that meet the individual needs of the students while meeting the standards provided by the district and state curriculum.

I have gained my understanding of curriculum and planning from my education classes at Missouri Baptist University, including Integration of Literacy into the Content Area and Educational Methods as well as through my field experiences, substitute teaching, and student teaching. While substitute teaching I had the challenge of going into a classroom and not knowing if a teacher left lesson plans for the day. In order to remedy this problem I kept a substitute folder for all grades in elementary. This folder includes multiplication, addition, subtraction and division problems for math. It also had several reading and writing activities in it. All of the activities in this folder were based on the Missouri Show- Me Standards as well as the Fox C-6 School District curriculum. This folder helped me to understand how important it is to plan for the unexpected. This experience has helped by realizing when I am a teacher it is imperative to have lesson plans and goals readily available in case I need to be absent.

In my Integration of Literacy into the Content Area, I was required to develop a week long interdisciplinary unit. My unit is for fifth or sixth grade. Each lesson in this unit lists the Missouri Show Me Standards. This unit integrates the subjects of Social Studies as well as Communication Arts. In this unit, I have stated the objectives, activities to focus on all learning styles, as well as formal and informal assessments. For example, one of the lessons requires the students to take information they have learned in the story and develop the own interpretation of the setting by making a model using a shoebox. They are then required to present it in front of the class. This one lesson covers the performance standards C.A. 1,,5,6 and S.S. 5,7. This unit required a lengthy amount of planning as well as research based on the curriculum and standards for the state. This unit will engage students in the activities as well as meet the standards set by the district and state.

During my student teaching I was able to demonstrate my ability to plan. I was required to do weekly lesson plans and include the MAP objectives that correlated with each subject. For example in my fifth grade, the students take the MAP test on health. One of the objectives is to know and understand the different body systems. In order to accomplish this we spent one week on the skeletal system. In this lesson, the students had a skeletal workbook they were required to complete. For their assessment, they were required to locate the bones on a skeleton and themselves. Another part of their assessment that integrated spelling into the unit was they were required to spell the names of the bones correctly from memory. I was also required to follow the curriculum that was provided by the school district. I needed to look at the curriculum at the beginning of my eight weeks to see what I needed to teach. I then needed to break down the curriculum into daily lesson plans that met obtainable objectives.

Planning is an opportunity for me to have a guideline on how to fit the entire curriculum into a designated amount of time. Long term planning allows me to stay on task as well as gives me a sense of direction. Having a well drawn out plan cuts down on student down time therefore cutting down on behavior problems. As a future educator I must have an understanding of curriculum and planning. In the future I plan to continually seek out ways to improve my knowledge of curriculum and planning. One way I will accomplish this is by asking advice from my colleagues and administrators. I will also continue to make changes to my lessons in order to insure student learning.

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