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Creon's Struggles in Sophocles' "Antigone"

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In many stories, characters experience a number of struggles which may cause them to unwillingly modify their lives. In Sophocles Antigone, Creon is faced with difficult challenges, but he manages to keep hope in his attempts to overcome them. A reader usually feels sympathy for the characters who are challenged throughout their lives. Although Creon, at first, may not seem deserving of the readers sympathy, due to the occurences of the play, he becomes a very admirable character. Creon is deserving of the readers sympathy because he is under pressure, he changes his state of mind, and is faced with death.

Creon is under pressure to portray the image of a strong ruler for his people and he should be given the readers sympathy. Because of his political power, Creon has no choice but to act cruel throughout the beggining of the play. He is a newly appointed ruler who has to rescue his people from the civil war brought on by the rivalry of Polynices and Eteocles. Therefore, Creon is forced to formulate unpleasant laws so that political trouble makers will think twice before attempting to start conflicts. Objection to Creons laws is seen by nearly all the characters in the play. Creon understands the objections and recognizes his mistakes, but in order to maintain his exemplary position as the absolute powerful ruler, he attempts to conserve his laws. Creon admits that he did not wish to be the king, it was brought upon him, and he is doing his best. Extremely concerned for the peoples well being, Creon stays true to his initial rulings, and does not change in order to gain the trust of his people.

Additionally, Creon is deserving of the readers sympathy because he attempts to change his state of mind and reconcile with Antigone. Recognizing that Antigones reasons for her actions are reasonable, Creon says to Antigone, I shall have to have you killed. And I dont want to. He is affraid of his own decision and begs her to have pity on him by changing her mind. The rebellious and determined Antigone refuses, and pities Creon for his weak spirit. Creon again attempts to change her mind by urging her to seek happiness in love and life by marrying Haemon. Again Antigone fights back, even though she is now more understanding and somewhat sad. Creon is sick at heart over not being able to change the mind of the stubborn Antigone.

Creon has become a completely changed man, but no one takes pitty on him. As he has positively changed his state of mind, his son and wife kill themselves. This horrible tragedy leaves Creon alone in his throne for eternity. Althouth it is unkown to the reader, Creon may be left to face depression in the future due to the unexpected deaths of his loved ones. Creon is left wondering that if when one changes their state of mind for a good cause, he is left with nothing but tragedy. For the rest of his life, Creon is left with guilt. He will never achieve peace with his conscience and is left mentally scarred forever.

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Indeed, Creon makes mistakes as a ruler, but attempts to correct them, only it is too late for him to acquire forgiveness. Creons solitude results from his ignorance. Perhaps, Creon is a changed man who will continue to live his life concerned for his people, or in contrary, Creon is so deeply left with depression that he may take his own life. As a result, Creons fate is left to the readers imagination which enhances the beauty of the play.

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