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Racing Demon is a play with one central theme, politics tainting the supposedly pure nature of the Anglican Church. This occurs on two different planes of subtlety, the first being the obvious political influence put upon Lionel by Southwark, the second being the more underlying politics at the parish scale.

Lionel is more of a modern priest than anything else, concentrating less on the rituals and sacrament of the Christian religion, but the social responsibilities. He is not as evangelical in that he does not pounce upon people in distress and convert them so that the church will have a better statistic. This ethos is summed up in a line from scene four;

“And there’s something distasteful about what you’re suggesting. I don’t approve of cashing in on peoples unhappiness. Its very dangerous, because someone is in grief to think, ‘Oh, Good.’ We’re not salesmen. We don’t look at someones suffering and think, ‘Oh, this is excellent, now we’ve got a foot in the door.’ Whatever we are, we’re not ambulance chasers. If the need is there, it will show.”

Tony is exactly the opposite, an evangelical, verging on a religious fundamentalist, he believes that any step that will convert someone is the right step. Later on in the play he becomes more and more fanatical, eventually arriving at the point where he believes that miracles can occur in the modern day, AIDS patients can be cured. He is a particular favourite of Southwark who shares his views to a more moderate degree. Southwark in his turn is severely influenced by

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