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Chemistry Safety Contract

The following document must be printed out, signed by you and a parent or guardian, and sent to your instructor or primary contact teacher.

Safety There are many potential hazards in the chemistry laboratory. However, in general, accidents caused by these hazards can be avoided if the student is familiar with laboratory techniques and a few rules are followed.

Most of the materials you will be working with at home will be kitchen items such as vinegar and baking soda.

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However, even these items can cause harm if mishandled.

1.The safest way to handle chemicals is to treat them all with care. There is no substitute for good technique in eliminating accidents. The following page outlines some general safety rules, which MUST be followed.

You MUST sign the statement that you understand the safety rules and will comply with them. Your parent/guardian must also sign this statement and provide a telephone number, as they are an integral part of your laboratory experience. If you are choosing to perform the experiments under a science teachers direction, please have the teacher also sign the form and provide a telephone number.

Never work alone in the laboratory. Do your lab work only under the direct supervision of an adult.

. Carefully read all directions twice. Ask for clarification of directions before you begin the lab procedure.

. Maintain a business-like attitude at all times.

4. Do not attempt unauthorized experiments or change the procedure.

5. Dress properly for the lab

Wear shoes that cover the feet. Avoid bulky or loose-fitting clothing.

Wear an apron or teacher approved coverall.

Wear safety goggles.

Long hair should be tied back, especially when working with flame

6. Always have safety equipment handy fire extinguisher, a place to wash eyes and hands when necessary. Know the location of fire exits in your home. Review the stop, drop and roll procedures.

7. While in the chemistry classroom, never put anything in the mouth unless it is specifically directed in the procedure. This may take place in cooking labs.

8. Keep the laboratory clean. Immediately clean up all spills following the directions in the lab.

. Wipe down table when finished with the lab.

10. Clean up all broken glassware with a dustpan and broom. Place it in a container so that no one will get hurt when disposing of the garbage. Do not pick up broken glass with your bare hands.

11. Rinse off skin exposed to chemicals with large amounts of water. Wash hands with soap and water before leaving the lab.

1. Use proper fanning procedure when smelling substances. Never place your nose directly over an object when smelling it. Use your hand to waft the smell towards your nose.

1. Avoid touching hot objects. Use hot pad or mitts when necessary.

14. Dispose of waste in the manner specified by the lab.

15. Label your glassware with permanent marker so chemicals do not get confused. Nail polish remover will take off your marks.

16. Never leave a flame or heating substance unattended. Never use a flame with a flammable liquid like alcohol.

17. When heating a substance in a test tube, turn the mouth of the test tube away from yourself and others.

18. Do not use pipettes in any chemical other than the original.

1. Always add acid to water in that order to minimize splashing of chemicals.

I have read and understood all the preceding rules of the laboratory. Please sign below.

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