Monday, March 26, 2012

Peter the Great

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Peter the Great had plans for Russia, he wanted to westernize it. Peter decided to do this after a trip to Europe when he decided that Europeans were superior to Russians. This created immediate need for change, so he wrote a UKASE which would be strictly enforced. The laws of this UKASE made it mandatory for men to shave off their beards, Russians were to dress more western European and women no longer could be hidden behind vails as they were to become a part of society. All Russians also were required to learn the latin alphabet which was the alphabet of the western world so there could be greater communication. If a Russian was found not following these laws they would be arrested and executed. The power of example worked very well for him, this was proven when a group of Boyers disobeyed this order and were all hung on trees around the Kremlin Palce. Peter knew that everything had to change including the economy and industry ect. so he hired Western Europeans to come and teach Russians their ways. They taught such things as how to build and navigate a vessel, how to trade, build roads and other things that were nessecary to industrilize Russia. Unfourtanelty this was not easy for Peter he had a difficult time finding Europeans that were willing to come. So he paid them very well and granted them special privilges as so if they were to break the law they would be punished under European law and they could practise their own religion without being prosecuted. Peter also wanted mixed marriages between Russians and Europeans, this was also very striclty enforced. This was a difficult hurdle for Peter because neither Russians or Europeans wanted this to happen. Peter also moved the capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg and hired architects to plan the city as to everyones front door had to face the west. This was Peters window to the west. These were the dramatic techniques Peter the Great used to try to change the reputation of the Russian people and to create a westernized world in Russia.

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