Friday, March 30, 2012

My Freshman Years First Pep Rally and Varsity Game

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I’m preparing to march trough the school in the drum line. My knees are starting to shake from nervousness. We start the long march at south campus. The sequence that we play consists of four songs, Dutch Boy, The Line, Lights Out, and Pickles. As we enter the tech building the cool air feels so good on my burning face. The school is starting to cheer as we march trough all the buildings. The varsity football team cheers us on as we enter the football field. The whole school is there watching me in the drum line. Oh man I’m drenched in sweat and can barley hold my cymbals. It feels like the whole schools watching me, but then I play the first song of the pep rally and all the nervousness goes away. Man that poem was long and I could barely hear that guy. The pep rally ends and I go to the band hall so I can pick up the dinner for the people that stay at school until game time. The dinner tonight is chicken strips from Chick-Fil-A. It’s really good! As I go into the orchestra room I go to sleep on some of the chairs. When I wake up it’s about 0 minutes before I have to get ready for the game. I put on my blue bibbers anyways so I don’t have to rush to put them on later. I grab my cymbals and go out to the practice field to warm up with everyone. As we play the warm up I get a good feeling about the game. We start marching over to the football field. The drum line is playing our cadences as we march around the track going over to the home side to take our seat in the band section. As we take our seat the drum line starts playing almost constantly. It’s as if we never stopped playing during first half. Halftime begins and we march down to the track to begin warming up for the halftime show while we watch the other band march to their music. As their music ends and they step off the field we march onto the field to play for the high steppers. We start playing Soak Up The Sun as the high steppers do their routine dance. The song ends as the high steppers step off the field as we move to our next position to start our first song. The song begins with a good solo from the drum line. CRASH!!! I hit the cymbals together for the first note I play in Appalachian Sprigs. It’s about the thirtieth measure and two of the snares step on each other’s feet. They almost fall in the middle of the song, but they don’t thankfully. It’s almost the end of the song as I finally feel a hint of relaxation in my mind then the song ends as the whole band has done a good job. We can finally relax as we go up to the stands to sit down. The drum line starts to play more cadences as the rest of the band rests for a few minutes. We’re playing as LBJ scores, but then Hays comes right back and scores in the fourth quarter and scores a touch down to win twenty-one to twenty. As the band starts to put up the drum line gets to go first since we are the section of the week. We enter the band hall and put all our equipment up in our cases and change back into our regular clothes so that we can go home finally. My brother is there to take me home and I fall asleep in the car. When we get home I walk in and just fall asleep on my bed. zzzz zzzz zzz zzzzzzz zzzzzzz zzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzz!

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