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In the history of socialism, the fundamental conceptions and ideas of this political ideology have been encased in many different forms and provided us with doctrines of great thinkers. For example Thomas Moore, Saint Simon, who were both utopian socialists They “…Postulated on ideal socialism based on peaceful and harmonious social transitions, public ownership…equal access to education opportunity (Guy, p.504).1 The members of “Fabian society’ who believed that socialism could be established without radical change of government, but rather it could be established through “…moderate and limited change”(Guy, P.84).1 Finally, Karl Marx who wrote about the equality and opportunity for all has shaped probably every socialist party platform and ideology in the world today.

Through the ideas of these intellectuals and many others, the beliefs of democratic socialism arose. Democratic socialism has the undertones of the essential beliefs of socialism including a few other notions

“Social democracy is an international movement for freedom, social justice and solidarity. Its goal is to achieve a peaceful world where these basic values can be enhanced and where each individual can live a meaningful life with the full development of his or her personality and talents and with the guarantee of human and civil rights.”

1. “It preserves individual freedom in the context of social equality (Guy p.84)”.1

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Wherein the idea that an individuals class, gender, sexuality, race should not prevent any citizen from achieving their goals.

. Enact comprehensive social service programs to foster the need of the people of the state.1 Such as education and health care services.

. “Economic growth should be stimulated by the government investment” (Guy, P.07).1

4. Business should be made up both by private and public enterprises,1but some key business like utilities, educational institutions, should be owned or subsided by the government.

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