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informative speech

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TOPIC What is the Internet, and how it really works.

GENERAL PURPOSE To inform the audience on the internet

SPECIFIC PURPOSE To inform how the Internet works and educate the audience on this topic.

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THESIS Most people use the Internet, and know how to get online, but I am here to explain how it really works, and how it functions.


I. Attention-getting device- sound of a computer connecting to the Internet How many of you have ever heard this sound? How many of you know what it is?

II. Thesis- Most people use the Internet, and know how it functions, but I am here to explain how it really works, and how it functions.

III. Preview- I will explain how it is the Internet functions, and go into detail about different types of connections, and how data, and messages are sent and received.

[Transition Okay now I am going to explain how that sound fits in with connecting to the Internet.]


I. The sound you heard was that of a modem communicating with an Internet server. Once the sound ends it means you are connected and you are now enabled to access files, and data from the World Wide Web.

A. According to C|Net, the Internet is described as …a loose association of thousands of networks and millions of computers across the world that all work together to share information.

B. When connecting to the Internet, a form of communication is used to call or connect to the service provider, which in turn communicates with other service providers and mainframes to collect the requested data.

C. Computers call a service provider, and in turn the service provider connects you into all of the other parts of the network. Communication happens back and forth from server to computer until all of the requested data is transferred.

D. Sometimes the data transfers extremely fast, and sometimes it is extraordinarily slow. The factor that determines the speed of the data transfer depends on the type of connection one has.

[Transition Now I am going to explain the different types of connections.]

II. There are commonly five different types of connections that are used by the public. The connections are Modem, ISDN, DSL, CABLE, and T1/T connections.

A. The modem connection is the slowest of them all. There are 14.4, 8.8, .6, and 56K modems. That means that they transfer that many bytes per second. This is where your modem dials in and you get that sound that you heard earlier. COST- Free - $1.

B. The ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network is a digital phone service that reaches speeds of 18kb/ps. This operates through your phone line also and also dials in to the server. $1. - $.

C. DSL - Digital Subscriber Line, the fastest of the dial-up connections transfers data up to 7mb/sec. $. - $.

D. A Cable connection uses the same lines that bring your cable television to your house but splits off and connects to your computer. This is by far the most affordable of all of the fast connections. It transfers data at approximately -mb/sec. $. - $.

E. The T1, and T connections are the dream of all high-speed Internet users. T1s transfer data at 1.544 mb/sec. The T transfers data at approximately 44.746 mb/sec. This is a connection that also travels through telephone lines, except only special lines can handle these connections and are extremely expensive. $. - $000.

[Transition- Now thats you know about all of the connections, I am going to explain how they send and receive messages from so far away, so quickly.]

III. The Internet is a large network that lets people transmit and receive data, but exactly how that works is very interesting.

A. The information is broken apart into packets.

B. Those packets are spread apart and encrypted as they travel through cyberspace.

C. They take paths called Routers and bring them to their appropriate destination.

D. They are brought back together and decrypted once they reach their destination.

E. They all take separate routes, but arrive in the same destination.

[Now that I have explained these parts of the Internet, I hope you all have a greater understanding of what it is all about.]


I. SUMMARY - The Internet is a very big part of everyday life now days. I have not had enough time to explain everything about this topic, for if I did it may take hours and hours.

II. REINFORCE THESIS/ CLOSURE - Everyone has most likely used the Internet, but through my explaining, I hope you all have a better understanding.

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