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Impacts of the Green House effect

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The Green House effect is the rise in temperature that the Earth experiences because certain gases in the atmosphere trap energy from the sun. These gases are transparent to the radiation from the sun, but opaque to outgoing radiation by the Earth. This is a natural phenomenon responsible for maintenance of the temperature which makes life possible. Without such a phenomenon our planet would experience extreme temperatures just like on the Moon. However, due to the increase in man’s activities, the temperature is continuously on the increase leading to global warming. Global warming is having several negative impacts on the world, such as our health, natural resources and man’s activities.

Our health largely depends on the climate of the area in which we live. Extreme temperatures may lead to loss of life. For example, in areas of extreme temperatures people die due to heat stroke. Higher temperatures increase the concentration of the lower Ozone layer, which is a harmful pollutant. It damages our lungs, increases asthma levels in patients, causes chest pain and other lung diseases. Warm temperatures allow the breeding of diseases like malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and cholera.

The changing climate has affected our natural resources in many ways. It has lead to the increase in evaporation leading to drier soils and low levels of water resources. This in turn has lead to difficulties in navigation, poor resources to produce Hydro Electric Power, and the demand for water is remarkable. Whereas in the Polar Regions, the snow is melting at very high levels which causes the flooding of many water bodies which leads to the loss of life and property. It has also changed the habitat of the wildlife that stay in the Polar Regions, such as polar bears, seals and whales. Our forests are getting depleted due to frequent forest fires, which have also affected the migration of birds and animals in game parks and National parks in many countries.

Global warming has also affected human activities such as agriculture and fishing. Increase in temperature implies, minimal amounts of rainfall and drier soils leading to poor crop yields. This in the long run may bring in scarcity of food. It has also affected the fish and aquatic species. The distribution of fish has changed in several areas due to increase in the water temperatures, pollution levels and the decrease in oxygen levels.

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Global warming is indeed having several negative impacts on the Earth. It is quite obvious that the Green House effect is mainly due the man’s actions. This problem can only be solved if man changes his attitude towards the environment and the enforcement of laws by the governments.

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