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(1) Jeff put his whole was of life at risk because his boss was threatening his family. I would have pulled the chair out right from under him and went to every newspaper and news show in America and told my story.

() If I had a job in which I earned excellent money and excellent benefits I would probably go about in a way to speak legally without disrupting anything or getting myself in trouble with my ex company.

() I feel that one of Wigands motives was revenge. His bosses has threatened his family and his lively hood, not to mention they also put bullets into his mailbox and sent threatening emails to his family. Just think this is all caused by a tobacco corporation. I think it would have had a bigger impact if he had gone to the news companies earlier while he was still working with the company.

III- Crime

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(1) I definitely think big business influences media in many ways, such as sponsorships (giveaways, etc.). Also big business can influence media through high priced lawyers, lawsuits, and the ability to quiet a large news company, like 60 minutes.

() I feel that early on people had no idea that cigarettes were bad and the companies were causing the deaths of individuals while the companies had knowledge that cigarettes were harmful. Now people have a choice on whether to smoke or not so I feel its your own choice if you want to harm your lungs.

() I believe that tobacco executives should have no criminal penalties but they should have civic liability and an unusual punishment. How about forcing the executive to forfeit all properties and belongings, and forced to live in the abandoned subways underneath manhattans streets. The fact of the matter though is back then people had no idea that smoking was harmful; now people do. It’s a choice to smoke so if you do its your fault for causing the destruction of your own lungs, everyone has disabilities, isn’t addiction a disability as well?

I believe the director put the scene of the military cemetary because the tobacco companies supplied everyone in the US army in WWII with free cigarettes, causing many to become addicted.

Standing up (Russell Crowe)

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