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Triage Scott Anderson

Chapter 1.

1) The definition of triage is the proses of sorting and prioritising the wounded based on their need for survival and the likeliness of their survival. Triage is use on the battlefield, Emergency rooms and on disaster sites with limited medical supples.

) Triage is preformed in the cave by a simple system. You are acest by the doctor and are shown a tag get a yellow tag and be shunted aside for further t, get a red tag and receive treatment get a blue tag and die.

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) The Pesh Merga is a bunch of Kurdistan troops who would much rather put there county in front of there own lives. They didn’t carry supply including maps, food and even sometimes water but always had rifles and bullets handy. They weren’t very secretive and often did reports with newsreaders. Pesh Merga is an accurate name because the meaning of it is “those who face death’ and these troops were willing to face death in order to save there country.

4) “There is no pattern to who lives or dies in war. Most of us, we can’t accept that. We invent all kinds of explanations and superstitions for why things happen. ‘He died because he lost his nerve, he died because he forgot his lucky coin’. None of it is true. In war, people die because they do. There’s nothing more to it than that” Is a quote by Talzani to Mark simple saying that death is up to chance. He also says ‘My little tags. A pattern, no? A scientific method to decide who lives and who dies’. This also is a quote saying that it’s not up to chance it’s based on you condition.

5) Marks physical injuries were his Knuckles, He quoted that they “feel like razor blades’ when he put them in his pocket. Other physical injuries were blows to the head and he couldn’t walk for a while. Marks psychological and emotional state was I think exhaustion mark was buggerd and worn down from his last adventure and just wanted a little Rn’R.

6) Stewart was a member of marks fraternity of New York based war photographers and was on a shoot in the Helmand dessert in Afghanistan and stood on a land mine witch ended his life. Mark was in West Africa at the time. Elena was affected by Stewart’s death by no longer putting her life on hold. Not waiting for marks calls and having dinner with friends.

7) According to Mark Colin was still in the lowlands getting more material.

8) Elena works with the high commission for refugees.


10) Marks State of mind was he was losing confidence and a bit reflecting. Losing confidence in what he dose and what he believes in.

11) Colin was in the lowlands standing alone on the desert plan, and the wall of earth and thunder was rolling toward him, closing in on him, and then it was upon him and he was gone in it’s blown mist.

1) Mark wanted to notice someone, a fellow photographer to talk to and relate to.

Chapter 4

1) Joaquin tells us that Elena is a very private girl. Even as a child, very self-contained, very quite, never one to reveal too much of herself.

) Mark was guilty because he doesn’t even know is the family of the teenage shoot in Kurdistan got the body back. He feels that if he was never there it wouldn’t of happened.


4) Mark was a sensitive& inquisitive kid who asked a lot of questions and watched the news to see what was going on in the world.

5) Mark is affected by his experiences by saying that he’s not. He keep’s his emotions inside and doesn’t share them.

6) Being a survivor means that you have to carry the sorrows and mourning of the death some times even the guilt. Often people wish it was them or that they died too.

7) Jaoquin refers to “The beast fellow” as the incurable.

8) Colin stood on a landmine and died. Mark tried to save him but couldn’t.

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