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Jesse Woodson James

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“Jesse Woodson James”

The Hero

Jesse Woodson James was born in Clay County, Montana, and was a Baptist minister. Jesse James was one of the most famous bank and train robbers in the history of the United States. Jesse led about 5 robberies in Missouri and several other states. During the War Between the States (1861-1865), Jesse James rode with a band of Confederate Sympathizers and fought for the rights of the Southern Heritage. After the war, Jesse James formed the gang, “the Youngers”, and they continued to only rob the rich and the greedy railroads that stole from the poor settlers in the south and the west. The James gang robbed banks which stole from the poor, and foreclosed on farmers land.

Jesse Woodson James was a hero to the poor farmers of the southern and Midwestern states. Jesse James was a gallant populist hero, fighting the railroads on behalf of the oppressed. Jesse Woodson James can be considered the American Robin Hood of the South. Jesse James had a gentle side filled with family love and compassion for the poor. Jesse James and his gang gave holdup money to friends, neighbors, and relatives to help pay their debts, and their family and friends never forgot. As we can see, Jesse James was almost the same as a public servant to the poor.

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“Jesse Woodson James”

The Outlaw

Jesse Woodson James was born in Clay County, Montana, and was a so-called Baptist minister. Jesse led about 5 robberies in Missouri and several other states. The James gang also killed a number of people for illegitimate reasons. James was a vicious murderer and thief. After tiring of robbing banks, Jesse and his gang turned to train robberies, in their first robbery the trains locomotive was capsized crushing the engineer and several innocent passengers on the train. The James gang continued their murderous ways robbing railroads and passengers over the next several years. Jesse Woodson James was fast with the gun and didn’t hesitate to kill. Jesse James was a cold blooded killer who didn’t mind putting a bullet in a witness and he didn’t think twice about doing it. Countless, innocent victims were murdered in cold blood without a second thought during Jesse James onslaught of bank and train robberies. So as the case is set forth, you can obviously see that Jesse James was nothing more than a self servant, and a cold blooded killer.


With the two examples that I have portrayed of Jesse Woodson James, you can pick and chose whichever character you would like to believe. I believe a little bit of both; Jesse actually did seem to put some effort into robbing the railroads that were stealing farmers land. However, if you use today’s examples of robbers, they don’t like to leave witnesses, and I feel that Jesse and his gang probably had that same mentality. I would like to believe the first portrayal of Jesse, but in reality I am going to have to say the second is more in reality. I believe that he was a cold-blooded killer, probably from fighting in the war, and experiencing so much violence and hatred.

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